Coolest Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults and Teens

These free scavenger hunt ideas are loads of fun! Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids… teens and adults have a real blast from this great activity! Scavenger hunts are a great way to spice up a free afternoon, explore places you never new existed, and make new friends! (Make sure you don’t miss the section … Read more

Coolest Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The mall scavenger hunt can be really fun! It takes place in a nearby mall. When planning a mall scavenger hunt, you’ll first want to send out invitations to your party. We’ve created credit-card shaped invitations (for great shopping ;-) specifically for this theme. After filling in all of the party information, it would be … Read more

Coolest Around Town Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

On this page you’ll find all the coolest around town scavenger hunt list ideas and printables for adults and teens! Print and send out these around town scavenger hunt invitations to each guest to notify them of the activity you are planning: Worded Neighborhood Scavenger Invitations Blank Neighborhood Scavenger Invitations When creating the scavenger hunt … Read more

Important Scavenger Hunt Rules and Tips

Here’s an important selection of scavenger hunt rules and tips before any of the teams set out on a scavenger hunt:   All team members need to stay with their team at all times. You may not split up to “divide” scavenger hunt tasks or pay or bribe additional individuals to join your team and … Read more

Transylvania Trip Around Town Scavenger Hunt

Here are 4 different lists for the Transylvania trip around town scavenger hunt: 1. A toy gun 2. A Cat tail (the plant, real or fake) 3. A necklace with a moon on it 4. A pink Kleenex 5. A purple ribbon that is 4 ¾ inches long 6. Sheet Music 7. Glitter 8. A … Read more

Sweet Sixteen Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Sweet 1. A video or a recording of child singing Mary Had a Little Lamb 2. A picture with a really cute guy 3. A picture of an older couple holding hands 4. A picture of everyone holding their favorite candy 5. A picture of everyone in the group on a kiddie ride 6. A … Read more

Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas

* Picture of a Human Pyramid in a big store * Bring A used delivery pizza box from and w/ the signature of someone you know. * Picture of an adult on a kid’s bike in a store * Videotaping of the group singing in a store. * Picture of a member of the group … Read more

Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Telling Parents/Inlaws They Are Going to be Grandparents Scavenger Hunt We were going to get in late one night to my wife’s parents house. We decided that instead of telling them we were pregnant in a boring way that we would lead them on a scavenger hunt the next morning to discover the news in … Read more

Cool Christmas Scavenger Hunt Idea

Create a long list of numbered items, such as 8 round toothpicks, 1 raw hotdog, 2 raw eggs, 19 cottonballs, etc…. Create a long list of items. Give each team a trashbag and an envelope with a specific time written on the front (the same time for each team). Inside the envelope write a location … Read more