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Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Telling Parents/Inlaws They Are Going to be Grandparents Scavenger Hunt

We were going to get in late one night to my wife’s parents house. We decided that instead of telling them we were pregnant in a boring way that we would lead them on a scavenger hunt the next morning to discover the news in their presents at the end… A positive pregnancy test and homemade T-shirts that say I’m going to be a Grandpa/Grandma (and uncle for her little brother).

Scavenger Hunt Ideas by Jenna

by Jenna
(Albany, New York USA )

Team One –

• Toilet Paper (cannot be from the toilet paper holder) (whole role)
• Box Top
• A mechanical pencil
• Spoon
• Plastic straw
• Bar of soap (it must be in its package)
• Mr. or Mrs. Brannon’s autograph
• Wii car wheel
• A measuring cup
• A brown leaf
• A pebble (really small rock)
• Find something green
• An eraser
• Paperclip
• Duck (real or stuffed!)
• A white colored rock
• Newspaper
• 3 woodchips (from three different people’s yards)
• An animal found outside

Team Two –

• A movie (DVD or VCR)
• A cup
• 3 woodchips (must be from different people’s yards)
• A tennis shoe
• Spoon
• Plastic straw
• Water Bottle
• A pen that writes red
• Plastic bowl
• Frog slipper
• Coin (Must be returned)
• Acorn
• Box Top
• Mr. or Mrs. Brannon’s autograph
• Ziploc bag
• Calculator spelling something (must spell a real word!!)
• Napkin

Hope I helped!

Jenna B.

Say No to Strangers – Scavenger Hunt Rule

If someone you don’t know asks you to do something with them – say no!!!! It’s the right thing to do! Then tell a police guard, an adult, or someone you trust, they will find a way to complain.

Tween Mall Scavenger Hunt List

perfume sample
price tag between $60-$85
Clearance Sticker
A recipt over $15
Clothes Hanger
A Strangers Autograph
Shopping bag
employment application
5 business cards
A Coupon
A package with a button in it
store Catalog or Sell Paper

Trivia Questions
What year was the mall built?
How many stores are in the mall?
How many dressing rooms stalls are in Belk?
How many buttons are in the Belk elevator?
How many restuarnts are in the mall?
How much is a Orange Julius from Dairy Queen?
How many mannequins are in Aeropostale?
How many shoe stores are in the mall?
How many tables are in the Dairy Queen?

Around Town Picture Scavenger Hunt

Split into teams of 5 and each team gets a picture of the following:

* Police car
* A bag of Toilet paper
* Jar of Mayonnaise
* Traffic light on yellow
* A window display
* A football player
* Two teammates in a dog house
* Out-of-state license plate
* Teammember going through a McDonald’s Drive thru on foot
* A penny from the 1960s
* A cow
* Teammates doing the Charlie’s Angels pose on a haybail
* A funny bumpersticker

Video Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Here are a few ideas to put on your video camera Scavenger Hunt lists:

* A couple dancing to department store or elevator music…
* A stranger who knows your state flower.
* A stranger who can imitate John Wayne.
* A policeman drawing a chalk line on the ground around one of the team members.
* One or more team members standing beside a tombstone..
* Road kill (an animal that has been run over on the highway).
* A team member standing by the greeter at a Wal-Mart and greeting the customers.
* A team member asking a hardware store clerk to explain the difference between a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver.
* Team members standing in a row arranging their bodies so that they spell a certain word…
* Team members singing an Elvis song while standing under a neon sign.

A Few Random Scavenger Hunt List Ideas..

Go to food court and mop or empty trash

Go around to different tables and refill water glasses in a restaurant (empty an entire pitcher)

Go into a retail store fold 50 items of clothing (between your entire group)

Go to Chuck E Cheese and win 100 tickets and give to a stranger – ask them to come to church

Try on formal attire of something you would NEVER wear and take a group picture (keep it PG, try a moo-moo, for example)

Ask a stranger to do a cartwheel

Flip a burger at a fast food restaurant

Take a photo of the group wearing all their clothes backwards or inside out

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