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Transylvania Trip Around Town Scavenger Hunt

Here are 4 different lists for the Transylvania trip around town scavenger hunt:

1. A toy gun
2. A Cat tail (the plant, real or fake)
3. A necklace with a moon on it
4. A pink Kleenex
5. A purple ribbon that is 4 ¾ inches long
6. Sheet Music
7. Glitter
8. A Mother’s Day Card
9. A Ziploc snack size baggie
10. A Twin Bing Candy bar
11. A chocolate chip cookie recipe
12. A 1990 Dime
13. A Candy Cane
14. A pressed penny
15. A warning ticket for speeding

1. A Car Piece from the board game Life
2. A roll of masking tape
3. A little kid’s kite
4. A large yellow sponge
5. A car mat with the Ford Logo on it
6. A Nerf football
7. A Christmas tree Light bulb
8. Black Shoelaces
9. A road map of Vermont
10. A small garden flag with a butterfly on it
11. A real estate “For Sale” sign
12. A USA today paper from last week
13. A Pirate Eye Patch
14. A Monopoly game piece from the McDonald’s Game
15. Green Fingernail polish

1. A Can of Sardines
2. A peanut in the shell
3. A pair of MEN’s thong Swimsuit
4. A Garter Belt
5. A plastic pail and shovel set
6. A Yellow bath mat
7. Super 8 Hotel Soap
8. An Eyelash Curler
9. A T-Shirt with a cartoon character on it
10. Two donuts (any flavor)
11. A piece of Valentine’s Day Candy
12. An Oreo Cookie
13. A Pink umbrella
14. 3-D Glasses
15. A temporary tattoo

1. A Tie Dyed Shirt
2. A grocery Bill for over $93.42
3. A recipe for gazpacho
4. A glue Stick from a hot glue gun
5. A Cup from Target Field
6. A baby’s Bonnet
7. A Fluorescent hunting Vest
8. A Car Air Freshener
9. A Sea Shell
10. A bottle rocket
11. Disposable paper oil funnel
12. A Wedding invite
13. An Igloo Brand Cooler
14. A Coffee Can with coffee grounds in it
15. A Squirt Gun

by DeAnna
(Yankton, SD)

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