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Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas

* Picture of a Human Pyramid in a big store

* Bring A used delivery pizza box from and w/ the signature of someone you know.

* Picture of an adult on a kid’s bike in a store

* Videotaping of the group singing in a store.

* Picture of a member of the group giving a stranger a kiss on the cheek.

* Picture of a team member in a Laundry matt dryer

* Picture of the team with an animal

* Picture of the team with a giant statue from a local restaurant

* Picture of A team member in a dentist’s office

* Picture of the team at the police station with an officer

* Picture of a team member kissing a statue at a restaurant

* Videotaping stranger singing their high school fight song

* Videotaping Team members singing in the middle of a parking lot as loud as they can (can have music)

* Videotaping child reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

* Videotaping Team members washing dishes in the cafeteria

* Videotaping Team members playing musical chairs outdoors

* Videotaping Spraying a team member with cans of whipped cream

* Videotaping a mini-gymnastics routine

* Videotaping an old person yelling at a team member

* Picture of a giant underwear

* Picture of a menu from a local restaurant with a stranger and a team member

* Picture of Blood donor card with the person or if you have one use it

* Business card from a funeral home or unusual business

* Picture of a pink flamingo

* Bring Happy Meal toy (in the pack)

* Picture of Lime green shoelace on a person

* Picture of Receipt from a local Wal-Mart or Target more than $10.00 and must have a picture with the person

* Picture of Size 14 man’s shoe on a person

* Bring Bent 2006 penny

* Picture of Garden gnome

* Picture of Sponge Bob

* Picture of Dr. Scholl’s gel insole

* Bring Shopping bag from a sexy lingerie store (a guy must get it, as well as a picture of the guy getting it)

* Picture of Out of state driver’s license

* Picture of a Donkey piñata

* Picture of a team member Burger King crown

* Picture of Newspaper written in Chinese

* Bring a Program from a Sunday church service

by Alexis
(Altoona, AL, USA)

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