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Coolest Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The sky is the limit with baby shower decoration ideas! If you’ve chosen a specific theme, it will help you choose the right decorations that suite you, as in color and shape.

Basic baby shower decoration ideas include balloons, streamers, and baby shower banners, which are always a great way to start getting your party area in the right mood. Choose balloons and streamers to fit your theme colors (it’s best to choose 2-4 pastel baby colors to mix and match, unless you want to create a rainbow baby shower – and then you can use as many colors as you wish). There are also all kinds of balloon shapes you can buy that can fit your theme (rubber ducky, Winnie the Pooh, teddy bear balloons, etc.).

Choose tablecloths that fit your color combination and theme. You can even use baby quilts or thin baby blankets to cover some of the tables. Flower arrangements always add a fresh look (you can choose flowers that fit the theme colors). One of the funniest baby shower decoration ideas is to take a few little baby potty chairs to a local florist and have them arrange beautiful flowers into the potty chairs!

You can also sprinkle baby confetti all over tables (little baby boot confetti, confetti saying “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl”, pacifiers, rattles, teddy bears, etc.). You can use baby pacifiers, safety pins, and/or teething rings as napkin holders and cloth diapers as place mats. You can also take these items, as pacifiers, baby rattles, baby bottles, a baby teether, etc. and hang them all around the party area from the ceiling (or attach each of them to a string and a helium balloon to float in the party area).

One of the cutest baby shower decoration ideas is to string a clothesline and hang (with clothes pins) little baby clothes (bibs, baby socks, baby towels, baby diapers, baby onesies, baby hats, etc.) on the clothesline.

Coolest Baby Showers

You can also make a banner out of a clothesline. Hang real cloth/disposable diapers on a clothesline and with a marker or paint (on a disposable diaper with a permanent marker and on a cloth diaper with cloth paint), write on each diaper a letter that all together spell out, let’s say: B-A-B-Y  S-H-O-W-E-R, or whatever you wish. If you’ll be holding the baby shower after the baby is born you can write out the baby’s name instead.

Banners are great baby shower decoration ideas. You can make banners on cardboard or bristol paper saying all kinds of things, for example:

  • [expected mother’s name] Baby Shower!
  • Congratulations [expected mother’s name]!
  • It’s a Boy!
  • It’s a Girl!
  • Oh Baby!
  • and more…

Childhood and baby photographs of the mother and father-to-be are always wonderful baby shower decoration ideas. You can pin or tape them to a board or have them dispersed on a table. It’s also nice to disperse baby books on the table as centerpieces. You can use the baby stroller or crib as a place to display all the gifts (before and after the unwrapping of the gifts).

You can take milk, cereal, and other food boxes (in all sizes), cover each in different color construction paper (to form large baby blocks). Put them on the table on top of each other as a centerpiece. You can also write on a few of the boxes, baby words (‘BOY’, ‘GIRL’, ‘BABY SHOWER’, etc.) with markers or paint.

For weights holding helium balloons you can disperse baby products on tables (baby powder, baby oil, baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby rattles, etc.). You can also take all these baby products and put them together in little baskets as centerpieces. Another idea is to disperse little baby jars with little flowers inside, candles, or even cut up baby pictures from a magazine and put a baby pic in each little baby jar; these can be great little centerpieces.

Baby bottles can also be wonderful centerpieces and serve for unique baby shower decoration ideas. You can put little candies in each (how about baby color candies, pink and blue jelly beans for example). You can also tie a piece of tulle around each bottle for an extra festive look or take the nipple off and put a few white elegant flowers (white tulips and daises are lovely!). To keep to your budget try buying inexpensive baby bottles or even borrowing from friends who no longer need theirs. You can also use baby jars and baby bottles as place cards by printing out guest’s names on stickers and sticking each sticker to a different baby bottle or jar and putting it by the guest’s seat on the table.

One of the most known and popular baby shower decoration ideas is the diaper cake! It is great for decoration and later is useful for the mother (she gets a whole lot of diapers!). You can decorate your diaper cake to fit your theme. Many visitors like yourself have sent us amazing diaper cake recipes, photos and tips. Click on any of the diaper cakes below and you’ll be able to see lots of great designs!

For more wonderful homemade diaper cakes, check out the Coolest Diaper Cakes on our sister site for loads of homemade baby shower cakes you can make yourself, including pregnant belly cakes, baby rattle cakes, baby cupcakes, baby stroller cakes, baby teddy bear cakes and many more!

You can take little baby tubs and fill them with big and little blue and light-blue balloons as if they were bubbles, then add a few rubber duckies as a cute rubber ducky bathtub centerpiece. You can also take water, color it blue with food coloring and add rubber duckies to float in bowls with little flowers floating too. You can put little teddy bears or baby dolls as centerpieces as well (it can be cute to attach little baby cloth diapers to the teddy bears and/or dolls’ bottoms and baby bibs around the teddy bears and/or dolls’ neck).

On top of the gift table or mother-to-be’s chair you can hang an open umbrella (in the color of your theme colors, it’s best if light pastel colors) from the ceiling and hang lots of pink and blue streamers. It’s nice to decorate mother-to-be’s chair to let her feel as special as can be (it could even be nice if she had a rocking chair!). If you will be celebrating with champagne, it can be cute to tie a preemie (premature) diaper to the bottom of the champagne bottle and a baby bib around the bottle’s neck.

Another one of those great baby shower decoration ideas is to make pacifier balloons! For this you will need balloons, cut-out circles from colored construction paper (for the round neck of the pacifier), and small hula-hoops or pool rings for the pacifier ring (you can find most of these items at the dollar store). Make a small hole in the center of a round construction paper circle, blow-up a balloon and tie the balloon to the hula-hoop ring with string or tape through the hole you made in the round construction paper. Then hang these pacifier balloons from the ring with colored tulle or string from the ceiling.

Another great balloon idea is to make a baby balloon. For this you will need two large white balloons, 8-12 little white balloons (they can be large balloons blown up small, with not a lot of air), a permanent marker, a baby bib and a diaper. You first blow up one of the large white balloons (for the baby’s belly, the tie part of the balloon can be the belly button). Then attach the smaller white balloons together and to the belly with tape to create both hands and both legs (it’s best to use little balloons attached with tape rather than a long white balloon as hands and legs, this way it resembles chubby round baby hands and legs). Then attach a bigger balloon for the baby’s face and with a permanent marker draw a little baby face. You can also put a baby bib around the baby’s neck and carefully put a diaper around the balloon bottom (or instead of a real diaper – colored tissue paper and safety pins as if it’s a diaper).

If the baby shower is taking place around December, try fitting all the baby shower decoration ideas to create a Christmas theme. You can decorate a little Christmas tree (or a few little artificial Christmas trees or bushes) with pink and blue Christmas lights, as well as hanging pacifiers, baby rattles, baby bibs, booties, diapers, and more baby stuff on the Christmas tree. The parents-to-be can then take all the baby items home for use. You can do the same by creating a baby shower Christmas wreath as well.

If you are hosting the baby shower at a restaurant, find out what decorations they allow. Try to see if they have colored napkins and cutlery that may fit your theme.

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