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Cool Christmas Scavenger Hunt Idea

Create a long list of numbered items, such as 8 round toothpicks, 1 raw hotdog, 2 raw eggs, 19 cottonballs, etc…. Create a long list of items.

Give each team a trashbag and an envelope with a specific time written on the front (the same time for each team). Inside the envelope write a location for their team to meet there (a public place)


* Can only go to peoples homes they know, but not the home of anyone on their team. Can collect items at more than one location to get everything needed.

* Halfway through the time schedule they will open their envelope and go to appointed public location. All the groups must be there. They lose one point for every 5 minutes they are late. Once everyone arrives, they are to sing a Christmas carol as a group. Once done they can continue their hunt.

* Every group must be back at the home base by a certain time. They will lose points for being late. Once they arrive they are to lay out all of the collected items on a table. The driver for each group needs to stand in front of the table. Each group is to give several rolls of scotch tape. When the leader says ‘go’ each group has to tape every item collected to the driver with the tape. The first group done wins.

There is about a 2 to 3 hour time limit. My favorite ending!

by Lisa
(Sidney, Ohio)

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