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Sweet Sixteen Scavenger Hunt Ideas

1. A video or a recording of child singing Mary Had a Little Lamb
2. A picture with a really cute guy
3. A picture of an older couple holding hands
4. A picture of everyone holding their favorite candy
5. A picture of everyone in the group on a kiddie ride
6. A mother pushing a stroller
7. Everyone hugging a teddy bear
8. A job application from a “sweet” store
9. A picture of something that will make the birthday girl go “awwwwww” (in a high pitched squeal)
10. A store with the letters s.w.e.e.t. in it (In any order)
11. A picture of a store that has sweet fruit in it’s name
12. A picture of your team with whipped cream on their nose
13. A picture of the sweetest baby outfit you can find
14. A picture of a tiara next to a tutu (extra points if the tutu is pink)
15. A picture of someone buying a gumball from a gumball machine
16. A picture of your team surrounding an employee from Hollister/Abercrombie store with everyone in the picture making hand hearts or kissy faces.

1. A picture of a store with 16 letters in it’s name
2. A receipt with the number 16 in the price ($16.xx or $xx.16)
3. A picture with 16 people you don’t know (in 1 picture)
4. 16 different pictures of The Birthday Girl’s Favorite Things: (unicorns, mustaches, Minions, Glee…)
5. An item of clothing (size 16)
6. 16 cents that you found on the floor of the mall
7. A picture of a driver license or permit of a stranger who is 16 yrs. old
8. A fortune cookie with the number 16 written on the fortune
9. A scale that shows the weight 1 pound .6 oz (1.6)
10. A price tag for something that costs $16… or $.16
11. An object with at least 16 sparkles
12. A video of someone counting to 16 in another language
13. A picture of a nutrition label of something with 16g of sugar
14. 16 samples of perfume. Can be real samples or sprayed on a card with the name handwritten on it
15. Write 16 different hash tags that describe this party
16. Shazam 16 different songs you hear inside the stores and keep list

by Eruch
(Nashville, TN)

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