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Coolest Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas

“Rubber Ducky Your the One!
You Make Bathtub So Much Fun!” 

The Rubber Duck baby shower is a perfect choice for those of you who don’t know the baby’s gender. It a neutral theme that fits for both boys and girls. Below you’ll find the coolest ideas to help you throw the coolest Rubber Ducky baby shower!

If this is your first time planning a baby shower or you need extra help, check out our Baby Shower Planning Guide for basic and important tips on planning and organizing the most memorable baby shower.


How about thinking 3-Dimensional and writing your Rubber Duck baby shower information on REAL Rubber Duckies! You can buy a pack of squeaky ducks and write all the Rubber Duck baby shower information on them with a permanent marker (you’ll most likely have to hand-deliver them).

If you don’t want to write on the Rubber Duckies themselves, you can always write on a separate piece of paper, attach the paper to string or rubber band and tie around the ducky’s neck (like a gift card).

To make it easy for you, we’ve created original Rubber Duck baby shower invitations below. All you have to do is print them out and add the party details. It’s best to print them out on yellow paper (so that you don’t waste all that precious yellow ink from your printer). You have two options:

  • The worded version where we’ve added all the necessary text and all you have to do is fill in the party details.
  • The blank version where you put in the text.

You can make our printable invitations even more unique by choosing special paper. You can find all kinds of paper at craft stores that have different textures. You can also cut out a separate wing for each Rubber Duck baby shower invitation, tape it on top of the wing of the duck, and create a flapping wing! You can also glue on googly eyes on the Rubber Ducky for an extra touch.

Add a nice sentence, a cute little Rubber Duck baby shower poem, or a few words under the wing (like “it’s a boy!”, “it’s a girl!”, etc.). You can also buy Rubber Ducky stickers and stick them all around the invitations and/or envelopes.

Here are some wording ideas for your Rubber Duck baby shower invitations. You’ll also need to add important information such as place, time, an RSVP number and/or e-mail, a baby registry (if used), etc.:

  • “You’re invited to [expectant parent’s name] Rubber Duck Baby Shower! Let’s help them get their ‘Ducks in a Row’!”
  • “Splish, Splash! A baby’s on the way! You’re invited to a very special day! It’s baby shower time, come and shower [expectant mother’s name] with love, gifts, (and Rubber Duckies)!”
  • “Quack, Quack, there’s a little ducky on the way!”
  • “Rub-a-Dub-Dub, soon there’s a new baby in the tub!”
  • “For a Quacking good time, Waddle on over to [expectant mother’s name] Baby Shower (not only duckies and pregnant ladies waddle, you can too ;-)!”
  • “Before the beautiful duckling comes out to swim… the weather forecast predicts a Shower! Swim on over to [expectant mother’s name] Baby Duckling Shower!”
  • “With my two tiny wings that wave in the air, I invite you to shower [expectant mother’s name] with lots of love to share”.
  • “This ducky invites you to a very special date! So paddle on over, don’t hesitate!”
  • “Rubber ducky, your the one, to make our party so much fun! We are looking forward to quacking with you!”
  • “Splish Splash, Splash Splish… this is a baby shower you won’t want to miss!”


More Tips:

  • If the expectant mother is registered somewhere, you can write “The Mama Duck is registered at [name of baby registry]”.
  • You can also add to the address “Duck Pond” (For example “Tilden Ave. Duck Pond”).
  • For RSVP you can say something like “Give us a ‘QUACK’ at [RSVP phone number]”.

You can mix and match ALL of these Rubber Duck baby shower ideas. Whatever you like most can be made and written onto one invitation. 


It’s not hard to choose colors for the Rubber Duck baby shower theme… you gotta have YELLOW! If you want a ‘duck and bathtub’ theme then combine yellow with white and blue colors (to simulate water, as if the balloons are water bubbles), and then add lots of yellow touches (yellow plates, yellow food, etc.). It’s also nice to use clear balloons to look like bubbles as well.

If you decide on the blue and yellow combination, you can put a blue table cover (as if it’s water) and yellow plates (even buy Rubber Ducky plates) as if they are swimming in the blue water. For that “Rub-a-Dub-Tub” feeling, you can have metal wash-bins and/or tub centerpieces with water and Rubber Duckies floating in it. If you find little Rubber Ducky candles, it could be really nice to have them float in the water while they are lit.

Instead of water you can also blow-up small white, blue, and clear balloons and put them together in the tub, metal wash-bins, or glass vases as if they are bubbles.

Rubber Duckies can serve as centerpieces. You can attach helium balloons to each Rubber Ducky. Another idea for a beautiful centerpiece is having small vases with fresh yellow flowers (sunflowers, daffodils, and yellow daisies are all beautiful flowers).

We’ve created Rubber Ducky footprints for you to print, cut out and tape onto the floor of the party area (possibly leading to the Rubber Duck baby shower area or just dispersed around in circles all around the party area). Print them out on yellow construction paper.

After taping lots of Rubber Ducky footprints, you can put up a sign saying “Duck’s Crossing” right by the trail of ducky feet.

A really nice idea is to buy a small bubble machine that will create real bubbles throughout the whole party.

You can also buy cute little bubble bottles and put one next to each person’s plate so that everyone can feel like a kid again and blow lots of bubbles into the duck baby shower area.

For a Rubber Duck baby shower, it is a must to decorate with Rubber Duckies! Gather your own, possibly borrow a few from friends or buy them. You can keep a nice memory for the parent-to-be by having an autograph duck (made of plastic and fabric). Attached to it is a marker and everyone at the baby shower can sign their autograph or even write a few lovable sentimental sentences. A great keepsake for the parents-to-be!

You can print out our printable Rubber Duckies (ones that fit on a “Letter” or “A4”-sized paper) and use them as decorations. Tape them to walls or even print them out, laminate them, and use them as place mats.

You can also take the bigger profiled duck, and use it as a stencil to cut out a duck shape from a sponge. Then use the sponge to dip in yellow paint and if you have a white tablecloth or white paper, stamp them the tablecloth with the yellow ducky (add a googly eye or paint one in with a black marker).

If you are planning to have a table with place-cards, instead use little Rubber Duckies! With a permanent marker write the name of each guest on the tummy, top or bottom of a little Rubber Duck. These will be original ‘Rubber Ducky place-cards’ guests will love to take home!

If you’re having the Rubber Duck baby shower during Christmas time, you can buy a little Christmas tree and hang little Rubber Duckies on the whole tree with other baby items (baby bottles, baby rattles, teethers, etc.).



If you also invite kids to the duck baby shower, you can ask them to come in ‘Rubber Ducky’ attire (or what about adults? They’re kids too! ;-). You can make or buy Rubber Ducky beaks that guests can put on their mouths, ducky visors or hats, or ask people to come dressed in yellow colors.

Here are a few cool homemade Duck costumes…

For a few good laughs, guests can come with shower caps on their heads, a bath-robe over their clothes, holding a bar of soap, a back soap scrubber, a Rubber Ducky, and even wearing bath slippers.


Ducky Cake Ideas

You’ll get loads of ideas for baby cakes on www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com. Also, don’t forget the famous diaper cake! You can create it to fit the ducky theme buy adding lots of Rubber Duckies, ducky stuffed animals, and more ducky items.

And below is a huge selection of homemade duck, bathtub and diaper cakes:

You can make Rubber Ducky faces from Sorbet ice cream: Use a yellow-colored sorbet (passion fruit, lemon, mango, etc.). In each dessert plate put a round ball of sorbet for the head of the Rubber Ducky. Then add two black jelly beans for the eyes (or any other similar candy that is similar to an eye).

Then create an orange beak from a real orange! Use small oranges, don’t take the orange peel off, cut it in half, take one of the halves and slice it into lots of slices. Each slice can be used as a beak (if they are too big cut each slice in half). You can also buy orange candies made out of jelly that look like orange slices and use them as beaks.

These Rubber Ducky sorbet heads can be made ahead of time, even a day before. Put each Rubber Ducky face on a small dessert plate and put all of the plates in the refrigerator. When it’s time to serve dessert take them out and give to each guest.

Food and Drink

Ideas for Party Food:

It can be a nice idea to serve the food in little baby bathtubs or little metal wash-bins (it’s best to buy new ones… they will need to be washed thoroughly beforehand).

  • Duck-shaped sandwiches! You can put anything in the sandwiches (little appetizer sandwiches or a buffet with duck-shaped bread and people can spread all kinds of dips and sauces and add all kinds of vegetables). You can cut the bread beforehand with a duck cookie cutter, that way all of your sandwiches are in the shape of ducks (you can find all kinds of ducky cookie cutters on eBay for cheap).
  • “Quackers and Cheese” (or in human language “Crackers and Cheese ;-). A great appetizer, have a large platter with all kinds of crackers and all kinds of cheeses to choose from. Don’t forget to add a cute little sign saying “Quackers and Cheese”.
  • Eggs! Anything that has to do with eggs (suites this duck theme color-wise and theme-wise). Egg salad, Deviled eggs, etc.
  • Stuffed Duck? So you might really love Rubber Duckies… but is it strange to eat duck at a ‘Rubber Duck baby shower’? You can, but don’t have to serve duck… any other bird will do, chicken is always most popular.
  • Anything Yellow – You can make rice with curry (or any other yellow spice), corn soup, yellow bell-pepper soup, mashed potatoes (if you throw in one sweet potato it will become even more yellowy), french fries, cheese dishes (macaroni and cheese for example), stuffed yellow bell-peppers, yellow tomatoes, kish made with yellow vegetables, yellow pumpkin or squash, etc.

Don’t forget to make little signs that show the titles of each dish. The signs can be cut out from card stock in the shape of ducks or with Rubber Ducky stickers. On each sign write the special ‘Rubber Ducky’ food name.

Ideas for Party Drinks:

  • ‘Bathtub Ducky Punch’ – make blue colored punch (most are berry-flavored drink mixes), add lemon-lime soda, a few ice-cubes, and a few scoops of vanilla ice-cream on top. The vanilla ice-cream melts (it’s best to take it out of the freezer a half and hour before to let it melt a little bit) and makes the blue punch a baby blue color (it looks like a bathtub with bubbles and bath-foam). It’s best to have this punch in a clear punch bowl, that way the blue punch is noticeable (if it was in a non-clear bowl, you would probably only see the top white foam that the ice-cream makes). You can even have a few cute little Rubber Duckies floating around (remember to wash the Rubber Duckies very well, it’s best to use new ones).
  • ‘Rubber Ducky Juice’ – create a yellowish-orange colored juice from mixing orange and lemon juice together. It could even be more special if the oranges and lemons were freshly squeezed! If you want a more ‘yellowy’ color you can even add lemon Gatorade to get a more florescent yellow.
  • ‘Family of Ducks in a Lake’ Punch – For less of a ‘bathtub’ look and more of a ‘lake’ or ‘ocean’ look, fill a punch bowl with a greenish-bluish juice or soda (you can use lime drink-mix or add a few drops of green and blue food-coloring). Then put the Mama duck (basically a big Rubber Duck) and behind her put a trail of little ducklings.

Ideas for Party Treats:

  • Rubber duckies in bathtubs! You can create little blue Jell-O in small little bowls (bathtubs), and once they have been in the refrigerator and have become stiff, put a little Rubber Ducky in each to swim in (you might possibly find little Rubber Ducky candies, that way the guests can eat the blue Jell-O as well as the Rubber Ducky). You can also just cut the blue Jell-O into squares, put some whip cream on top of each square for the bath-foam, and a Rubber Ducky on-top of the whip cream!
  • “Duck Feed”: this can be little pails or bowls with all kinds of nuts and seeds.
  • Yellow treats – Yellow tortilla chips with cheese, corn chips, Ritz crackers, cornbread, cheese doodles, corn on the cob, goldfish crackers, etc.
  • Healthy yellow fruits: It’s always healthy to make a fruit platter (and yummy!). Some yellow fruits are bananas, pineapples, passion fruits, mango, yellow peaches, yellow melon, yellow apples, papaya, yellow pears, etc.
  • Yellow desserts – lemon or peach pie, yellow ice-cream, yellow Jell-O, creme caramel (so tasty!), creme brulee, lemon tart and pastries, ducky-shaped cookies, duck-shaped Rice Krispie treats, etc.

Games and Activities

There are lots of cool duck baby shower games you can play at your shower.

Here’s a whole page full of Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Games to check out. You’ll find detailed instructions for Rubber Duck baby shower games such as:

  • Lucky Ducky
  • Rubber Duck Race
  • Bubble Fun
  • Rubber Ducky Water Breaking Game
  • Bobbing for… Rubber Duckies!

Thank You’s and Baby Shower Favors

It’s always nice and thoughtful of the baby shower host to give each guest a small favor to thank them for coming and participating in this special day.

Duck baby shower favors can be ducky stationary, ducky socks, small ducky photo holders, ducky key chains, ducky bookmarks, sponges in the shapes of ducks, ducky band-aids, ducky candles, ducky soaps (you might find beautiful clear glycerin soaps that have a real little Rubber Ducky inside of them), etc.

You can also print out Rubber Duck baby shower thank you cards that we’ve created for you:

You can print our duck-shaped thank you cards on card stock or bristol paper, cut them out, and glue a magnet to the back of each (this way the guest can put the magnet on their refrigerator and remember and cherish the Rubber Duck baby shower forever! ;-).

You can also print out a picture of each guest from the party (photograph each of them with the mother-to-be), glue the picture onto the Rubber Duck, laminate, and glue a magnet on the back. The thank-you note can say something special, thanking the guest for coming.

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