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Coolest Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Game Ideas

We’ve gathered here for you the very coolest Rubber Ducky baby shower game ideas and activities to make your Ducky baby shower a blast!

It’s also best to take a look at our General Baby Shower Game Page and check out lots more games your guests can play at the baby shower. You can even ‘tweak’ a few of them to fit your Rubber Ducky baby shower theme.

Lucky Ducky

Fill a large metal wash-bin or baby tub with water. Then take a permanent marker and put numbers under lots of Rubber Duckies and have them floating in the tub. Each guest that arrives gets a small piece of paper with a number on it (give out as many numbers as you have Rubber Duckies). Throughout the baby shower, draw ducks from the tub and call out the number that is written on it’s bottom. The guest who has the number called, wins a prize. You can also choose to do this differently: Each guest that arrives chooses a duck from the tub (a duck with a number on it’s bottom), write all the numbers on separate pieces of paper and put in a hat, draw from the hat and whoever has the Rubber Ducky with the drawn number wins a prize.

Bobbing for… Rubber Duckies?

This is a baby shower idea varied from the classic ‘Bobbing For Apples’.  Fill a large basin or tub with water. Put lots of Rubber Duckies inside (if you can, put weights inside of them or attached to them so that they sink a little bit and don’t float too much on top of the water). Each guest has their hands tied behind their backs. On the mark of go, each contestant needs to stick their face into the water and take a Rubber Ducky out with their teeth and mouth. You can either time them and see how long it takes them to take out one rubber ducky, or to make it more fun, have lots of rubber duckies and see who can take out the most rubber duckies in a limited amount of time. You might need extra ducks (guests may not want to reuse them for each player). Guests will probably appreciate your courtesy if you provide more than one tub of water and frequent refills. Hopefully your female guests will be wearing waterproof makeup :-D (you won’t want to miss photographing them with rubber duckies in their mouths!).

Bubble Contest

One of the most fun baby shower game ideas is to prepare your very own glycerin-enriched bubble mixture (here’s the recipe), and make a few bubble-making instruments out of household items such as clothes-hangers, empty bottles, etc. Bubble making seems like it’s a ‘kid’ activity, but believe me, once adults start blowing bubbles, the ‘child’ in them will awaken! You can have a contest, whoever blows the biggest bubble is the winner.

Rubber Ducky Water Breaking Game

This can be a hilarious game to play! You will need to do a few things a day before the party. Take plastic cups, fill with water, and throw into each a little Rubber Ducky that fits into each plastic cup (you can probably find cheap little Rubber Duckies at the dollar store). Put all the cups on a tray and in the freezer to freeze overnight. The day of the party, give each guest a frozen cup. The person whose water breaks first (melts the ice and “gives birth” to their little rubber ducky) is the winner! The guests can try all kinds of ways to melt the ice – getting closer to the sun, blowing hot air, licking, etc.; let them be creative (just don’t get them close to a microwave, their plastic cup will melt!) Instead of a plastic cup, you can also put the little rubber duckies in big ice-cube trays filled with water a day before the baby shower.

Rubber Ducky Race

For this, one of the coolest baby shower game ideas, you’ll need two baby tubs or wash-basins. Fill them both with water and then tape a ribbon at the other end of the baby tub (this is the finishing line). When starting the game, hand out two Rubber Ducks to two contestants. On the mark of “GO”, each contestant takes their rubber ducky, puts it in the tub (at the starting line) and needs to get their little ducky to the other side by blowing on them! They can’t use their hands only their blowing mouths. The first duck to touch the finish line is the winner. Have lots of races, the winner of each race goes to the second round of races. Have all the winners race against each other until you get to the final round and give a prize to the final champ!

How many Rubber Ducks?

Take a big plastic container and put lots of little ducks inside (can be rubber ducks or candy ducks). Remember to count them when you start putting them into the container. At the party, each guest needs to guess the amount of rubber ducks in the container. The closest one is the winner and receives a prize!

Name that Duck!

Each guest gets a paper and pen. On the mark of “GO” they have 5 minutes to write down as many famous ducks as they know (as well as types of different species of ducks). Here are a few examples for species: Wood Duck, Mallard, Comb Duck. Here are lots of examples for famous ducks: The Ugly Duckling, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Daffy Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie (and their lost brother Phooey Duck), Scrooge McDuck, The Aflac duck, Duck Dodgers, Howard the Duck, The Mighty Ducks, NHL Anaheim Ducks, Duckman, Ming-Ming Duckling from the Wonderpets, Quacker from Tom and Jerry, Count Duckula the vampire duck, Ferdinand from the movie Babe. Whoever has the most at the end of the 5 minutes is the winner.

Bubble Popping

Who doesn’t love popping bubble-wrap? Give all of the contestants a sheet of bubble-wrap (the same size for each contestant), and on the mark of “GO”, let them start poppin’! You’ll be hearing lots of popping sounds so don’t forget to film it on camera. The first one to pop their whole bubble-wrap sheet is the winner!

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