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Coolest Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

We’ve gathered all the best Christmas baby shower ideas to help you create the most memorable Christmas baby shower!

Before embarking on this exciting adventure, figure out if you want to focus on a specific theme that has to do with Christmas. For instance, you can create a Baby Jesus theme. Another idea is a “Santa’s Little Helper” Theme. This would put the focus on the Elves. Decorate with everything that has do do with Elves, Santa’s factory, the presents, including invitations and decorations. Or, you could settle for the whole “Spirit of Christmas”.

Read on to be inspired by all of our Christmas baby shower ideas.


Christmas baby shower invitations can be in the shape of or have pictures depicting anything Christmas and Baby-related: Maybe a baby snowman with a diaper, a baby in a santa suit, a gingerbread man with a diaper, a stocking with a baby’s face popping out from the top, a baby in a sleigh, a baby holding a candy-cane, or something hilarious like a pregnant santa-claus ;-).

If you’re throwing a Christmas baby shower after the baby is born (in some cultures this is very acceptable), a cute idea is to cut out a snowman shape, take a picture of the new loved baby, glue the face of the new baby on the snowman face and write all of the Christmas baby shower information on the body of the snowman. You can then write something like “There’s a new snowman on the block”.

Or, if you are throwing the party before the birth, you could use the mother-to-be’s photo on the snowman, and give the snowman (actually snow-woman) a big snow belly :-)

A nice idea to add to each Christmas baby shower invitation is a recipe card. Ask each guest to write down their favorite Christmas holiday recipe (so that you can add to a holiday cookbook made especially for the mother-to-be).

You can either send out an empty cookbook page for each guest to directly write on, or when they come to the Christmas baby shower, take their recipe card and glue it onto the holiday cookbook.

At the party, you can set out pens, markers, stickers, and more embellishments for guests to decorate their holiday cookbook page. Have extra cookbook pages or cards available for people who might have forgotten to bring theirs.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created original Christmas baby shower invitations below. All you have to do is print them out and add the party details. You have two options:

  • The worded version, where we’ve added all the necessary text and all you have to do is fill in the party details.
  • The blank version where you put in the text.

You can make our printable Christmas baby shower invitations even more unique by choosing special paper. You can find all kinds of paper at craft stores. Consider cardstock in different colors.

You can also buy Christmas and baby stickers and stick them on the invitations and envelopes.

Ideas for wording your Christmas baby shower invitations:

  • “Twas just before Christmas and all through the (family name) house there was lots of excitement (but it wasn’t a mouse). There’s a new baby on the way, so come and celebrate this very special day”
  • “Someone new will soon be here to add to the (family name’s) holiday cheer!”
  • “There’ll be a new stocking on the (family name) mantle! It won’t be too much for Santa to handle…”
  • “The weather outside may be frightful, but a baby shower will be delightful!”
  • “A holiday delivery is on the way… but it’s coming by stork – not Santa’s sleigh!”
  • “The stork is helping Santa this year and will soon deliver a bundle of cheer!”
  • “Someone tiny and very sweet will soon be here for us to meet!” (could be nice on a gingerbread man)
  • “A new baby boy will soon arrive to add joy to the world and light up our lives!” (can also be “A new baby girl”).
  • “The stork is helping Santa this year, and will soon deliver a bundle of cheer!”
  • For a boy: “Christmas brings all kinds of joy, and for one lucky family… it’s bringing a boy!”
  • “No more nights as quiet as a mouse… Someone new will soon be stirring in (family name’s) house!”


It would be a nice touch to write the Christmas baby shower invitations with a gold or silver pen to add to the festivity.

Don’t forget to add important information on the invitations: Who the Christmas baby shower is for, When it takes place (date and time), Where the Christmas baby shower is taking place (you might also need to add directions on getting to the party area), an RSVP number, if the parents-to-be are registered at a certain gift registry, and anything else that might have to do with party or gift guidelines. You can print the Christmas baby shower information from your computer or hand write with a red, green, or gold pen.


As we all know, Christmas colors are red and green. It’s a good idea to use these colors for decorating. If you do know the baby’s gender, you can add another color that may hint the baby’s gender (like the usual pink or blue).

Correlate red and green streamers, balloons, table covers, etc. Pacifiers and baby teethers can be used as balloon weights (it’s really nice to have helium balloons attached to pacifiers and teethers, floating around in the party area).

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree, right? It’s best to start your baby Christmas tree by putting Christmas lights (it could be nice if they were in the color that suits the baby’s gender if this info is known, for example blue for a boy or pink/purple for a girl). Before putting the Christmas lights check them out to see that they work. After the lights, you can hang garments and then ornaments.

For your baby Christmas tree, decorate with lots of baby items, try hanging baby teethers, baby bottles, rattles, pacifiers, diapers, little teddy bears, rubber duckies, little lambs, stars, tiny angels, little dolls, little baby socks, baby bibs, little baby shoes and clothes, etc. You can also hang the usual Christmas ornaments in between the baby items for more color and decoration.

It’s best to decorate your tree with small, medium, and large ornaments dispersed throughout the tree, varying the size of ornaments gives an interesting and non-monotonous look. Also, try not to place the ornaments only on the tips of the tree, hang them deeper as well to add more depth. If you’d like lots more ideas and information about tree decorating, check out our Christmas Tree Decorating Page.

It could also be very nice to have a small decorated tree on the gift table as a Christmas baby shower centerpiece. Use Christmas decorations to decorate your food table. Place some poinsettias, garland, and grapevine on the table. Weave in silk flowers, berries, baby’s breath or anything else that reminds you of christmas.

It’s also fun to sprinkle Christmas and baby confetti over tables. Decorate tables with festive tablecovers, whether it be Christmas themed table covers, or a red and green color combination.

You can take red and green fabric, cut in the shape of a diaper, and put around the bottom of champagne bottles (add two pins on both sides or tape to secure the “diaper”). You can also use premature diapers (there might be Christmas themed in red and green colors) and put on the bottom of champagne bottles, this can be a great centerpiece.

Another nice Christmas baby shower centerpiece is to take baskets, put all kinds of baby items (baby lotion, baby rattles, bottles, etc.) add a few pinecones and cinnamon sticks and spray some potpourri oil on them (vanilla, cinnamon, apple, gingerbread would all fit well for the Christmas baby shower theme). You can also take the pinecones before putting them in the baskets and spray them with gold and silver spray-paint (or maybe even green and red spray paint). Another nice idea is to dab the pinecones with glue on all of the edges and sprinkle red, green, gold or silver glitter.

Flowers always add a special touch. You can make fresh and beautiful Christmas bouquets as centerpieces. Red and white flowers are perfect for the Christmas baby shower theme (the red from the flowers and the green from the stems and leaves… beautiful!).

You can also buy assorted white Styrofoam balls and hang lots of them at different lengths from the ceiling (as if it’s snowing…), or just disperse Styrofoam, cotton balls, or even different sized white balloons all over the floor. Also, hang a collection of Christmas stockings (or better yet, little baby ones!) on your mantle, a shelf or the wall (even if they aren’t stuffed – the more the merrier).

A really nice Christmas baby shower idea is to disperse jingle bells all around the party area or put bowls full of jingle bells on the table so that everyone can jingle!

You can string popcorn, cranberries, cereal, beads, etc. onto string and hang garlands everywhere as well as twisting them around railings and banisters. Wrap indoor Christmas lights around a railing or banister (secure with tape in a few places. Make sure to tape down the electrical cord so that no one trips over it).

Another cool decoration is to take string or red/green/gold/or silver ribbon and tie it to two sides of the Christmas baby shower area (not in a place that will obstruct people from walking by, either high up or in a place people don’t walk by).

Then, using clothespins, hang little baby onesies, baby diapers, baby bibs, baby socks, etc. and in between all of the baby items, hang decorative Christmas cards, candy canes and even photographs of Santa Claus, reindeers, elves, etc.

You can even take disposable or cloth diapers, write on each a letter and hang each letter in a row (using clothespins on the ribbon or string) to create a sentence, for example “H-O H-O H-O”. It could be nice if you hung all kinds of Christmas signs saying things like “Reindeers Crossing”, “Elves Ahead”, etc.

You can even make a snowman out of white balloons. Glue together three different-sized white balloons one on top of the other and add facial and body features. You can put a baby bib around the snowman’s neck and a baby hat on the head of the snowman. Place the balloon snowman next to the entrance.

You can create a North Pole. Cover a large pole with white and red crepe paper and add a baby bottle on top. Write, “Welcome to the North Pole” and place it also next to the entrance. You can decorate your whole party area with candy canes of assorted colors, put them in plant pots, you can give one to each new person that comes, disperse them on the table for more color, hang them with string from the ceiling, etc.

We’ve created a printable santa, snowman and teddy bear in stocking to help you decorate your Christmas baby shower area. Here they are:

Make large cardboard candy canes, peppermint candies, etc. and hang them around the party area. For quick ornaments, hang Christmas cookie cutters with ribbon (you can hang them on your tree or in a window).

You can also make a wreath out of diapers, check out this cool baby diaper wreath sent to us by one of our visitors. It’s also nice to make a lovely Christmas baby shower diaper cake that can be a very nice centerpiece. Check out this Christmas diaper cake made especially for a Christmas baby shower (it was made as if the whole diaper cake is the body of a snowman, very clever!).

If you’re having the Christmas baby shower in the evening time, candles are always a nice way to heighten the festive feeling. You can put christmas candles (possibly in red/green/silver/gold colors) all around the party area. You can also take the little round candles (the ones with the aluminum bottom), and let them float in pails of water. Disperse rose petals or other flower petals on the water as well.

You should also visit our Christmas Printable Decorations, where you’ll find lots more printable holiday decorations to add to your Christmas baby shower.


You can ask everyone to come dressed in red and green colors or in the spirit of Christmas. When guests arrive you can also give out santa hats, santa beards, red noses (like rudolph), headbands with antlers, elf ears, etc.

Christmas Cake Ideas

You’ll get loads of ideas for baby cakes on www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com.

You can make snowball cupcakes and serve with mud and snow (hot cocoa and whipped cream). Homemade doughnut holes rolled in powdered sugar can also serve as edible snowballs.

For a Christmas baby shower snowman cake: Bake three cakes in round pans of different sizes and place them on a cake board in the form of a snowman. Use white icing. Fashion a top hat with a square cake covered with chocolate icing. Use candies for the face and buttons, twigs for the arms, and sprinkle edible white glitter around the cake for snow. You can even put a small carrot on his face for the nose.

Here are more fun Christmas baby shower desserts:

  • Christmas and Baby Cookies: different shapes of Christmas and baby shaped cookies: sleighs, santa, reindeer, baby bottles, baby faces, snowman faces, etc.
  • Snowballs: Using vanilla ice cream, make “snowballs” ahead of time and place in the freezer to harden and maintain their shape. Then place a variety of different toppings on the table, such as sprinkles, nuts, mini-chocolate chips, and coconut, and allow everyone to put whatever toppings they want on a small plate. They then roll their “snowballs” around in the toppings.

Food and Drink

Ideas for Party Food:

A nice Christmas baby shower idea is to use pacifiers and/or baby teethers as napkin holders.

  • Anything Red: tomato soup, cherry tomato salad, pizza, pasta, red bell peppers, etc.
  • Anything Green: salad (all kinds of lettuce, basil, sprouts, parsley, mint leaves, etc.), green bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, pea soup, pesto, soy beans (edamame), etc.
  • Anything red AND green! for example a big green salad with red peppers and/or tomatoes; red peppers stuffed with spinach and couscous; green peppers stuffed with beef in tomato sauce, etc.
  • Reindeer Droppings (doesn’t it sound yummy?! ;-) – in other words: Chili con Carne.
  • Snowman Face Pizza – Covered with cheese and olives for the facial features.
  • Snowman Face Crackers (cream cheese on crackers with olives for eyes and the red pepper stuffing from the olives for a nose).
  • Pigs in a blanket (because pigs need those blankets in cold winter weather).
  • Elf Soup – Prepare with miniature pasta shapes.

Don’t forget to make little Christmas baby shower signs that show the titles of each dish. The signs can be cut out from card stock in Christmas shapes or with Christmas and baby-related stickers. On each sign write the special ‘Christmas’ food name.

Ideas for Party Drinks:

  • Banana Blizzards: blend together one cup of cold milk with two or three bananas in a blender. Add ten snowballs (scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt) to the blender. Then turn on the blender and create the blizzard!
  • Polar Ice Cap – You’ll need Blue Kool-Aid (prepare as directed), ginger ale, vanilla ice cream, clear glasses and straws. Refrigerate the Kool-Aid and ginger ale. Fill a glass almost halfway with the blue Kool-Aid. Add ginger ale almost to the top of the glass. Drop in one big snowball (scoop of vanilla ice cream) and let the everyone enjoy their “North Pole” drink with a straw!
  • Hot Chocolate (a classic!)
  • Hot Apple Cider (another classic!)
  • Christmas Tea – A dainty little bowl of crushed candy canes make for a delicious substitute for sugar. A bowl of white sugar with flecks of red and green sugar is also tempting.
  • Eggnog
  • Snowshake – any kind of milkshake (a good idea is to use a ‘milk’ based milkshakes)

Ideas for Party Treats:

  • Ginger Bread Cookies
  • Candy Canes
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Caramel Popcorn
  • S’mores – Use Graham crackers, Hershey candy bars and big marshmallows, and Microwave. YUM-YUM!!
  • Assortment of Christmas candies, or any red and green colored candies.
  • Rice Krispie Treats (include red and green M&Ms for a colorful festive touch)
  • Snow Balls- assorted marshmallows
  • Reindeer Antlers – pretzel sticks
  • Gumdrops – red and green ones.

Games and Activities

There are lots of cool Christmas baby shower games you can play at your shower.

Here’s a whole page full of Christmas Shower Games to check out. You’ll find detailed instructions for games such as:

  • Guess How Many Christmas Candies
  • Marshmallow Snowball Toss
  • Pregnant Belly Reindeer Antlers
  • Giving Birth To… Santa (?!)
  • Blind Christmas Tree Ripping
  • and more!

Thank You’s and Baby Shower Favors

It’s always nice and thoughtful of the Christmas baby shower host to give each guest a small favor to thank them for coming and participating in this special day.

Favors can be Christmas stationary, Christmas socks, small Christmas photo holders, Christmas key chains, Christmas bookmarks, Christmas band-aids, Christmas cookie cutters, Christmas-themed soap and/or candles (in red/green colors or in the shape of reindeer, Santa Claus or more Christmas themed shapes), Christmas candy, snow globes, mint lip gloss, little bendable snowmen, candy canes, etc.

You can also make your own cute little snow globes on your own and give them out to people. You will need little jars (possibly baby food jars). Fill the jar almost to the top with water and stir in a few drops of glycerin (sold at most pharmacies) and 1/2 a teaspoon of glitter, star and moon confetti. What the glycerin does is increases the density of the water and causes the glitter to fall much slower. For snow you can put little pieces of white plastic, sand or even sawdust.

You can print out any of our free Christmas printable favor bags and printable favor boxes.

It’s also a nice Christmas baby shower idea to buy mugs, fill with cocoa and mini marshmallows and wrap in red or green cellophane paper tied with a ribbon. You can even personalize mugs to fit your Christmas baby shower (that way guests will take home a real nice keepsake they can use for a long time and remember the memorable baby shower).

Another really cool Christmas baby shower idea is to put party favors in little white stockings (or even little baby booties).

You can print out our Christmas baby shower thank you cards that we’ve created just for you:

You can also print our Christmas baby shower thank you cards on card stock or bristol paper, cut them out, and glue a magnet to the back of each (this way the guest can put the magnet on their refrigerator and remember and cherish the Christmas baby shower forever!

Another Christmas baby shower idea is to print out a picture of each guest from the party (photograph each of them with the mother-to-be), glue the picture onto one of our printable thank-you cards, laminate, and glue a magnet on the back. The thank-you note can say something special, thanking the guest for coming.

A nice way to get everyone feeling the spirit of Christmas, is playing Christmas music! So make sure to organize a Christmas playlist with your most favorite Christmas songs.

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