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Free Baby Shower Games!

Here’s a great selection of free baby shower games that are sure to provide lots of laughs and excitement and get everyone in a great party mood. Many of the games below are time-tested, they have been proven to work, and they can be “tweaked” to fit almost any birthday theme.

Many of the free baby shower games on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add, take a moment and share them. You’ll be taking part in creating the Web’s ultimate baby shower resource that’s ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Once you choose the games you feel fit most, it’s best to show the mother-to-be your game plan and see if she likes the games you have chosen for her baby shower. She might have a few games she’s played at other baby showers that she wants to incorporate in hers; so, it’s best to decide with her.

At the party, make sure to have all you need for the party games, including pens, pencils, paper, baby items and other things you might need for any of the games. The more organized you are before the party, the easier it will be for you to handle the games during the party.

Also, if you’re throwing a co-ed party, make sure to check out are coed baby shower games!

Whose Water Breaks First Game

This can be a hilarious game to play! You will need to do a few things a day before the party. Take plastic cups, fill with water, and throw into each a little baby doll that fits into each plastic cup (you can probably find cheap little baby dolls at the dollar store). Put all the cups on a tray and in the freezer to freeze overnight. The day of the party, give each guest a frozen cup. The person whose water breaks first (melts the ice and “gives birth” to the little baby doll) is the winner! The guests can try all kinds of ways to melt the ice — getting closer to the sun, blowing hot air, licking, etc.; let them be creative (just don’t get them close to a microwave, their plastic cup will melt!).

Who’s that Baby?!

Ask guests before the baby shower (you can write it down in the invitations), to bring a baby picture of themselves. Every guest that arrives, take their picture, and put all the baby pictures on a table. Next to each baby picture assign a number, and give everyone a few minutes to write down who they think the baby is in the picture. The one who guesses the most correctly is the winner.

Passing the Dirty Diaper (Yuk!)

This is just like the classic game “pass the parcel”… but this time (*drum roll*) the parcel – is a dirty diaper! But don’t fret, it’s not a REAL dirty diaper… just chocolate :-). Before the game, the host melts some chocolate (not to hot, just warm) into a diaper. The guests sit in a circle, someone turns on the music and the guests start to pass the ‘dirty’ diaper around. When the music stops (someone needs to be in charge of turning the music on and off), whoever is holding the ‘dirty’ diaper is out! The last one to stick in is the winner.

Baby Bottle Suckathon

In this game, the guests will race against each other trying to suck on baby bottles. Each guest receives a baby bottle with some kind of drink in it (got milk?), and on the mark of ‘GO’ everyone starts sucking on the bottle. The first to finish the bottle wins (don’t put too much drink in each bottle, it’s not as easy as it looks. Also, make sure everyone has the same amount before you start the game).

Baby Alphabet

Give each guest a pen and paper (with A-Z written on the paper vertically on the left side). In two minutes time, each guest has to write a word that has to do with babies, for example A- Alphabet, B- Bottle, C- Crib, D- Diaper, etc. By the end of the two minutes, whoever has the most baby words wins.

How Much in the Baby Bottle

This is a simple game. Put lots of candies in a baby bottle (the candies can fit to your theme’s colors, possibly M&M’s, jelly-beans, life-savers, etc. How about putting baby colored candies – pink and blue). Each guest needs to guess how many candies are in the baby bottle. The closest one, wins the baby bottle with candies!

The Size of Mom’s Tummy

Here’s one of the coolest free baby shower games and also a great starter. Every guest tries to guess the circumference of the mother-to-be’s tummy (the center of her tummy, usually where the belly-button is). They do this by taking yarn and cutting it where they think will fit exactly around the belly. The one who is closest is the winner.

Do You Know Your Baby Items?

Each guest takes a pen and paper and on the mark of ‘GO’ needs to write as many baby items as they can (baby powder, baby lotion, baby rattle, etc.). Give them all 5 minutes. This game sounds easy… but after a while guests will run out of baby items real fast!

Name that Baby Animal

Give everyone a list of different adult animals (dog, cat, chicken, bear, and many more). In 5-10 minutes time the guests need to write down every adult’s animal baby’s name. For example Dog – Puppy, Cat – Kitten, Chicken – Chick, etc. When the time limit ends, whoever has named the most correct answers is the winner!

Where are the Baby Safety Pins?

Fill a large bowl with long-grain rice and pop in about 20-25 safety pins. Blindfold each guest in turns and give them a minute to look for as many safety pins as they can in the bowl of rice (it’s not as easy as it sounds!). The guest who finds the most safety pins is the winner.

Draw A Baby Game

This is one of those really simple free baby shower games. Give each guest a paper plate and crayon (or marker, whichever they prefer). Each guest writes their name on one side of the paper plate, and on the other they each have to put the paper plate on their heads and try and draw a baby. The mother-to-be can choose the baby she likes most.

Giving Birth to a Baby

This is a fun team game. Have the guests get into teams, from 3 and up players in each team (same number of people on each team). Give each person on each team a balloon. Each team lines up in a row, with a first person and a last person. On the mark of ‘GO’, the first person of each team blows up their balloon and puts it under their shirt (as if they are pregnant). Once that person has put the balloon up their shirt, the next person does the same thing. This keeps on going until the last person blows up their balloon and puts it up their shirt. Once the last person becomes pregnant, the first person needs to take the balloon out of their shirt and ‘give birth’ (pop their balloon). After the first person ‘gives birth’, the second one does and so on. The first team to ‘become pregnant and give birth’ is the winning team.

Dress the Baby Race

Have guests get into teams of 2 or 3. Give each team a life-size baby doll, a diaper, socks, booties, a onesie, baby clothes, baby hat, baby bib, and anything else you think is needed for a baby to be completely dressed. On the mark of ‘GO’ each team races to get their baby-doll all dressed up (correctly). The first team to have their baby ready to go wins.

Scrambled Baby Words

Prior to the baby shower, scramble baby words (you can type them on the computer and print lots of papers out, or write them by hand and make photocopies, whichever suites you most). The guests need to find the baby words in each scrambled word. For example: the word rattle can look like this – tlaert, or the word stroller can look like rlrsoelt. The first one to get them all is the winner!

Baby Theme Scrapbook

A real unique baby shower activity is to make a baby scrapbook for the parent’s to be. Give each guest a whole page in the scrapbook they can add pictures, sayings, wisdoms, thoughts, etc. It is a wonderful way to have everyone participate in creating a lovely scrapbook for the parents-to-be. You can even take a picture of each guest at the party, print out the picture and tape it to the back of the page they have written on so that whoever reads the scrapbook will know who wrote what. If your baby shower is part of a specific theme (rubber ducky, teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh, etc.), it would be nice to decorate the baby scrapbook to fit the baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Food (Yum?)

This is a great and funny game. The guests need to pair up. You give each pair a blindfold, a baby food jar (it doesn’t have to have baby food in it, it can have any other food), a baby spoon, and a bottle filled with juice, milk or any other drink that’s suitable. One person on each team has to be blindfolded. The blindfolded person holds the baby food jar and a spoon. On the mark of ‘GO’, the blindfolded person has to feed his seeing partner (the baby…). Once the baby food is all finished, the seeing partner needs to feed the blindfolded person the juice (or other drink) from the baby bottle. The first team to finish, wins! (Don’t forget to have a camera ready for taking pictures!).

Animal Family Name

Just like the game where everyone has to write down the baby animal for each adult animal… this one is similar. This time, each guest has to write down the family name of each animal (meaning the name of the animals when they are in a group). For example: Wolves – Pack, Fish – School, Elephant – Herd, Lions – Pride, etc. You can make it easier by handing out papers with all kinds of animals on them. Give the guests a few minutes to write as many as they can. The guest to get the most correct answers is the winner.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Have a picture of a baby’s face and small little pics of pacifiers. Blindfold each guest and have them try putting the pacifier on the baby’s face (just like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’). Whoever is closest, wins!

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