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Cool Ladybug Baby Shower

This ladybug baby shower was for my sister-in-law’s second baby. The mother-to-be recently moved away to a different State. She really just wanted to be able to visit with friends and family and didn’t want anything too involved. Also we held this shower at my mother-in-law’s house where we didn’t have a whole lot of room to do anything extravagant however everything turned out lovely.

My mother-in-law and myself gave the shower. We chose to have a ladybug baby shower theme because that is also the theme for the baby’s room.

The main colors were green and pink. We could not find decorations to suit us so we made our own. We went to our local scrap booking store and found paper that coordinated with the baby bedding. Light green with white polka dots – same pattern and color in the baby bedding. I took that along with some pink poster board and some pink crepe paper and made some cut out flowers. To get my pattern for my flowers I took my flower-shaped cookie cutters, traced them and then enlarged them using a copying machine. We used hot pink and light pink streamers and also some pre-painted ladybugs. I found the ladybugs at Hobby Lobby.

Ladybug Baby Shower

For the ladybug baby shower gift table we used a green table cloth, balloons (including a huge ladybug balloon), streamers, a lady bug, and a couple of cut out flowers.

Ladybug Baby Shower

For the food table I made a large paper flower for the ladybug cake to sit on. We found some confetti that matched our colors. It had pink flowers and green leafs and sprinkled that on the rest of the table. At a party supply store we bought our plates, bowls and napkins. The plates were patterned with pink and green. The napkins coordinated but were striped and the bowls were pink.

Behind the food table was a large window so we decorated that too.

Ladybug Baby Shower

For refreshments we had a fruit tray, Gardetto’s mints nuts, a chocolate lady bug cake, and an ice cream sundae bar. Originally I had planned on just having strawberries, hot fudge and RediWhip for our toppings and we were going to call them ladybug sundaes. However we ended up having a bunch of different toppings but most everyone just went for the homemade hot fudge sauce.

If you want to serve ice cream sundaes I would recommend sticking with one type of sundae (hot fudge strawberries RediWhip) and not wasting your money on too many choices. However if sundaes are the only thing you are serving then you might consider getting a few other toppings.

The ladybug baby shower cake was decorated with red icing, red sprinkles, brown M&M’s and a York peppermint patty. I chilled the cake for a couple of hours after I frosted it. Then I put on the M&M’s but some of the M&M’s turned white because the cake was so cold.

Ladybug Baby Shower

I love the punch we made and we got lots of compliments on it. It consisted of crushed strawberries sugar lime juice and lemon-lime soda. We added some lime wedges for decoration. It tasted just like a strawberry lime-ade from Sonic. Also the colors of the punch matched our color theme perfectly.

I used the baby unscramble game I had made for the Safari baby shower along with a matching game. For the matching game guests had to match the celebrity mom name with the name of her baby. The winners of these games won either a strawberry or lemongrass flavored candle (again these matched our pink and green color theme.)

For a game for the little girls I bought a bottle at the dollar store and filled it with M&M’s that I counted out. Whoever guessed closest the correct number won the bottle with the M&M’s.

For my gift to the mom to be I bought a set of bibs, a nice onsie, a dress and another outfit. They all had pink and green and ladybugs on them. I wrapped them in a paisley wrapping paper that was also pink and green. For my niece, the sister of the new baby, I bought a picture frame that had pink and green flowers on it and said “Big sister Little sister.”

After giving this ladybug baby shower my advice would be to think outside the box for party decorations. Check out craft and scrap booking stores you might just find something that fits your theme. Also, instead of tape use sticky tack. This stuff is awesome! I used it to keep the plastic table cloths stuck to the table. It worked great for keeping the crepe paper stuck to the plastic and it doesn’t harm wood work either!

by Leah F.
(Sullivan, IL)

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