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Cool Surprise Party Ideas

Surprise Party at Our Usual Bar

I’m planning a surprise birthday party for my best friend. The date is a week earlier than her birthday so she wouldn’t understand that I have plans for her.

It’ll be at our usual bar so when I call her to get there she won’t suspect. Besides I already talked with her fiance and he agreed to make her come. And another friend will come with them. When they are about to reach the place the 3rd friend will call me and I’ll arrange the candles and the band. When she comes in, she’ll see us, the birthday cake and hear “happy birthday to you”.

I’ll print out a few photos of her, make everyone describe her using 3 words and write them down on the picture, then put them in a box and give to her. I’ll also make a storyboard which will include her/our special photos since the day we met.

Hope she’ll be happy! That’s all that matters.

Reliving Childhood Surprise Party

I’m planning a surprise party for my best friend since KINDERGARTEN, so since we’ve been friends since childhood I’m making it a childlike theme.

It’s all children’s birthday decorations, tableware, etc. with animals and superheroes, and I’m making him a crayon written book that everyone can sign about when they met him and why he’s the greatest ever.

Balloon Raid Surprise

While your friend is busy for about an hour or two, you simply fill his/her car to the top with balloons! The catch is that before you blow each balloon up you put a secret friendly message inside reminding the person how much you care for them on their birthday!

P.S. its much easier to show up with the balloons already filled up.

Special Delivery in a Truck Surprise Party

My Dad threw a surprise party for my Mom and had the whole party delivered to our house via a large semi-truck. The truck was parked up the hill from our house, the party goers go into the truck, along with the caterers too.

The truck drove down to the house (very slowly-lol). The driver told her before she signed for the delivery she had to inspect it. When the back was opened – SURPRISE! The last person out of the truck was her brother who lived far away from us.

Great fun and wonderful memories.

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