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Coolest Surprise Birthday Invitation Ideas

This page is full of Surprise birthday invitation ideas so that you can create the most secretive Surprise party!

The MOST IMPORTANT PART of a Surprise birthday invitation is that it CLEARLY states the party is a SURPRISE party! You can even write it a few times or decorate the Surprise birthday invitation in a way that no one will miss it. It’s important not to be ambiguous about this or else the whole surprise could be ruined!

The needed information on each Surprise birthday invitation is: exact time, date, location (a picture of a map showing how to get to the location if needed), the name of the host/s and a clear RSVP number, e-mail, address, etc. If the RSVP is a phone number, make sure it’s not the home number of the birthday person (even if you think you can hide the messages, e-mails, letters in the mail, etc. – you won’t want to take the risk!). If you are living with the birthday person, possibly assign a good friend to take care of the RSVP’s (write down their phone number, address, or e-mail).

You’ll want to add any special instructions to each Surprise birthday invitation, for example a specific dress code or anything else important they need to know. Remember to invite everyone AT LEAST half an hour before the Surprise will be taking place.

Try writing on each Surprise birthday invitation – “Top Secret”, “Confidential”, “Highly Classified Information”, “Shhhh….”, “My Lips are Sealed”, or anything of the sort to make it very clear that it’s something to be very secretive about! You can even put each invitation in a little yellow manila envelope with a “Top Secret” stamp stamped on the front (just like in detective movies!). You can then seal each envelope with red wax to make it more intriguing (drip red wax onto where you close the envelope, wait for it to get a tad harder – not as drippy, and stamp it with anything that is hard and that has an interesting or relevant design or texture).

Here are TOP SECRET printables you can print out and glue to each invitation, envelope, etc.:


Surprise Birthday Invitation and Thank-You Printables:

We’ve created two kinds of these free and original Surprise birthday invitation printables for you to print out. You can either use the worded one, or print out the blank one and create your own Surprise birthday invitation wording:

If you want the Top Secret Surprise invitations to look more authentic, print them out on yellowish/orangish paper.

Also print out these Surprise birthday thank-yous to send out after the party (you can send them out with a nice photograph from the Surprise party):


Surprise Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas:

There’s a Birthday Party and you’re invited to show,
But don’t tell __________, because he doesn’t know!
So if you can make it, here’s a word to the wise…
Make sure to come early, ’cause it’s a SURPRISE!


He’s another year older, a new decade this year,
And we want to surprise him with all of you here!
The party’s a secret, he doesn’t know yet…
And if you keep quiet, a surprise he will get!


__________ told me: “No party, get me golf clubs instead!”
But when have I ever listened to a thing that he’s said?
So I decided to invite those we hold dear,
To help us celebrate HIS 50TH YEAR!
Since his birthday’s in February, it should be a Surprise
if you keep it a secret, he will not surmise!


Shhhhhhhh……  It’s a SURPRISE Birthday Party,
so don’t tell a soul… ___________ is ____ years old!


We’re having a party, he hasn’t a clue.
So keep it a secret, we’re counting on you!
Please join us for a Surprise Party to celebrate _________’s 40th Birthday!


Keep it sealed! Let’s make this party a “Surprise” for __________.


Shhh….. Don’t blow it! (picture of a birthday cake)
It’s a Surprise Birthday party for ___________!


The streamers are hung, the lights are all low,
the guests are all hidden, so let the confetti flow!


Look who’s turning 30!
We have a surprise for someone you know,
We want you to come and be part of the show!
It’s for _____________, she’ll get here at eight
Arrive at seven-thirty and please don’t be late!


Say it ain’t so…
_____________ is gonna be the Big 5-0!
He said “A party, no way!”
But we talked it over….
and we’re having one anyway!


Toot the horn! Bang the drum!
It’s a SURPRISE party! Can you come?


We know she said not to bother, “please don’t make a fuss”,
But with a party we plan to surprise her…
so let’s hope to our plans, she remains oblivious!


Shhh! Keep it secret…
we don’t want _________ to think anything’s fishy!

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  1. Planning a surprise 40th for our husbands (7 in total ) that have been best friends for over 30 years. I need some help with the invitation wording regarding the gift. Each one of us will be inviting our own list of people but we wanted to just send out the same invitation to all. Is there a polite way to state that even though the party is for 7 men if a gift is going to be given just give to your own loved one? Thanks


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