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Coolest Coed Baby Shower Games

Coed baby shower games can be so much fun! They can provide lots of laughs and excitement and get the gals and guys in a great party mood. When playing coed baby shower games, it’s also fun to have the guys against the gals, but you can also mix it up and have fun too.

Make sure to check out our general baby shower game page and ‘tweak’ a few of the games to fit a couples get-together.

Many of the games on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add, take a moment and share them with us. You’ll be taking part in creating the Web’s ultimate baby shower resource that’s ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Once you choose the coed baby shower games you feel fit most, it’s best to show the mother and father-to-be your game plan and see if they like games you have chosen. They might have a few games they’ve played at other baby showers that they want to incorporate in theirs, so it’s best to decide with them.

At the party, make sure to have all you need for the coed baby shower games, including pens, pencils, paper, baby items and other things you might need for any of the games. The more organized you are before the party, the easier it will be for you to handle the games during the party. It’s also great to play a game or two as an ice-breaker in the beginning of the party, after everyone has arrived and before you serve the food.

Pregnant Daddy

This is one of those hilarious coed baby shower games! All the guys get a blown-up balloon (big-enough to be a pregnant belly). If the guys don’t have large enough shirts, either give them big shirts to wear or blow their balloon just a little bit smaller (although it’s best if the balloon is as big as it can be). Each of the guys have to put the balloon under their shirt (like a pregnant belly) and on the mark of “GO” they have to race to tie both of their shoes without popping the balloon. The fastest one to tie both of their shoes is the winner. If the guys don’t have shoes with laces, they can even be barefoot, take two strings and tie them around their foot instead. The mother-to-be will LOVE watching them do this! (Don’t forget to film it!).

Baby Bottle Drinkers

This game can be great as a couple game. You’ll need a lot of baby bottles. Give all the guys baby bottles filled with juice, milk, or even beer (to make it more interesting). On the mark of “GO”, all of the guys need to drink from their bottle… but here’s the Twist! They can’t hold the bottle with their hands, they can do anything else in order to hold the bottle, just with no hands. If you want to play the original game, have the guys be babies and have someone feed them, holding their bottles for them. Remember to give each guy a baby bib to put around their neck!

Watch this hilarious game being played at a Baby Shower (the guys have to find original ways to drink from the bottle without holding it with their hands):


‘Poopy’ Diaper… What’s that Smell?

For this game you’ll need up to ten disposable or cloth diapers and up to ten different candy bars (anything with chocolate, for example: Butterfinger, Three Musketeers, Bounty, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way, Mars, Kit-Kat, Reeses Pieces, Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, York, etc.). Crush each candy bar up inside each diaper and even put each diaper in the microwave for a few seconds (just so that the chocolate melts a bit). Put the diapers in a row and assign a number for each diaper. Each guest is given a piece of paper with all the different kinds of candy bars, and needs to identify which diaper has which ‘poop’ candy bar in it (by looking, smelling… but not touching or tasting) and mark it accordingly on the paper. The guys and gals pick up the first diaper, look and smell it and then begin passing it around to the others. They mark the number of the diaper next to the candy bar name. The person with the most right answers is the winner.

‘Quarter’Back Silence

This can be a fun game if there is any kind of sport’s game (football, basketball, soccer, etc.) on the same day of the baby shower. Everyone sits around the TV with a little piggy bank on the table in front of them. The point of this game is that everyone watches the sports game on TV, but the twist is… that no one can yell or cheer, everyone has to be completely silent (people can talk, but they aren’t allowed to yell or cheer out in reaction to the sports game). If someone does yell or cheer out, they need to put a quarter in the piggy bank (this is the baby’s first saving account!). Before this game you’ll need to change lots of dollar-bills into quarters (so that you can change guest’s bills into quarters).

Multi-Tasking Daddy

There is some kind of notion that women are more capable of handling many things at a time (multi-tasking), and that men can only handle one or two things at a time. This game is for the men who want to give multi-tasking a try! For this game you’ll need a clothesline tied from the two opposite ends (you can also tie a few clotheslines or use a clothes-hanger rack), a basket full of baby clothes, clothespins, a baby doll and a cell-phone.

A guy has to hold the baby doll on his hip while talking on the cell-phone (in a real conversation) and hang the baby clothes onto the clothesline (using clothespins) all at the same time (without dropping the baby doll or the cellphone). They need to be engaging in a REAL conversation. Have someone from another room or a person who isn’t at the party call them on the cell-phone and start a two-way communication with the player.

You can play this as a race, having two people do this at the same time and whoever finishes hanging all the clothes is the winner, or have each guest give a try once and see how many clothes they hang in a 2 or 3-minute time limit while holding the baby and talking on the cell-phone.

Pin the Diaper on the ‘Baby’

In this case the ‘baby’ is a balloon. Have guests team up in couples. Each couple has their turn on their own. They both receive a balloon, a cloth diaper and two baby pins. The couple have to pin the cloth diaper onto the baby (balloon) without popping it. The two or three fastest groups to do this without popping the balloon, go on to the next level. In the next level they have to do the same thing, but this time… both blindfolded! This isn’t a simple task to do! Good luck ;-)


After you read all of our coed baby shower games, make sure to check out our prize and favor idea page to get the coolest ideas on prizes and favors to give out during the party.


Diaper-Changing Relay

Divide the whole group into two teams (can be guys against gals or mixed, whichever seems right). Each team stands in a line, one after the other. The first one in line holds a baby doll that has a diaper on it. On the other side of the party area is a table with diapers, baby wipes, and baby powder on top. On the mark of “GO”, the first person of each team runs to the table, takes the diaper off, wipes the doll’s bottom, puts baby powder and puts the diaper back on. They then run to their team and give the baby doll to the next person in line who runs to the table and does the same. The first team to have all it’s players change the doll’s diaper (the right way) is the winning team! (Have the team members run to the table but not with their back to the team, it’s best if their team members can see them and cheer for them while they are changing the diaper).

The Size of Mom+Dad’s Tummies

This is a ‘twist’ on the classic baby shower game of guessing the size of mommy’s tummy. This time, the mom and dad-to-be hug. Each guest takes a roll of yarn, string, or even toilet paper, and guesses the amount it takes (amount of yarn, string, toilet paper, etc.) to circle around the mom and dad-to-be’s girth (while they are hugging). The closest one wins!

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