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Coolest Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Game Ideas

We’ve gathered the coolest baby shower game ideas and activities specifically to make your Winnie the Pooh baby shower a blast!

It’s also best to take a look at our general baby shower game page and check out lots more games your guests can play at the baby shower. You can even ‘tweak’ a few of them to fit your Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme.

Pin the Tail on Eeyore

This classic game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ can be easily made into a Winnie the Pooh shower game. For this game you will need a large picture or poster of Eeyore without his tail. Below we’ve created one for you – go ahead and print it out! Print out the four different parts of Eeyore and tape them together for a larger Eeyore. You can also print out the tail many times (one for each guest), or you can also make the tails with grey felt or yarn.

Mount Eeyore’s picture on the wall. Have a prominent colored sticker where Eeyore’s tail needs to be. In addition, add stickers with names of the guests all around Eeyore’s behind.

Each guest takes a turn, is blindfolded, spun around many times and then tries to put Eeyore’s tail in the right place. If they pin the tail in the right place they get to give the parents-to-be the present they have brought for them (the parents-to-be open the present after receiving it). If someone doesn’t land on the right place but lands on someone else’s name (written on a sticker), that person gives the parents-to-be the gift that they brought them. If someone doesn’t get at all close to anyone’s name, look for the closest sticker and let them hand out their gift.



Draw a Pooh Character

Each guest gets a white paper plate and marker. They raise the paper plate above their head and on the mark of ‘Go’ they each have to draw a chosen Pooh Character. The mother-to-be can be the judge for the best Pooh drawing. You can do this many times, each time with a different character.

Hunny in Pooh’s Tummy

As we know, Pooh has quite a lovely and plump tummy full of hunny. In this case, the mother-to-be is Pooh. Each guest cuts a piece of yarn they think fits perfectly around the mother-to-be’s tummy. Whoever is closest, wins!

Honey Lovers

This can be an hilarious baby shower game! For this baby shower game you will need lots of bottles. Choose a few guests to play and fill their bottles half way with chilled honey tea. Then have them race by trying to suck the honey tea from the bottle. The first to finish is the winner!

Mother-to-Be Poohisms

Gather a list of about 20 Poohish questions about the mother-to-be. Each Winnie the Pooh character has traits that identify them. For example Tigger seems to always get into mischief, Rabbit loves vegetables, Owl is known for being wise, Piglet is known to be afraid of things, Kanga is very motherly to her kangaroo child Roo, Eeyore is quite grumpy, and Pooh is known for wanting to lose weight (quite rarely… but it happens!). Take these characteristics and create questions about the mother-to-be, for example:

  • Rabbit loves his vegetables, what vegetable did the mother-to-be like or hate most as a child?
  • Piglet is afraid of many things, what is the mother-to-be most afraid of before becoming a mother?
  • Owl is known for his wisdom. What wisdom does the mother-to-be most wish for her new coming baby? What is the most prominent wisdom the mother-to-be stands behind?
  • Eeyore is a real grump, what part of the pregnancy has made the mother-to-be grumpy about? What will make the mother-to-be most grumpy when she becomes a mother?
  • Tigger is always a ‘bounce’ away from mischief, what is the most mischievous thing the mother-to-be did as a child?
  • Pooh sometimes wishes to lose a few pounds, what does the mother-to-be look forward too once she sheds a few pounds? How do you think the mother-to-be will shed those pounds?

Here are a few more questions you can ask:

  • What is the mother-to-be’s favorite children’s character?
  • What is her latest food-craving?
  • What are the colors she has picked for the nursery?
  • What names is she considering for the upcoming baby?

Give a point for each right answer and at the end of the game, the guest with the most correct answers is the winner.

How many Bees in the Hunny Jar?

If you have a clear jar that is in the shape of a hunny pot, fill it up with lots of yellow and black jelly beans (as if bees are in it). You can also use red and yellow gummy bears for Pooh colors (or orange and black jelly beans for Tigger, light pink and purple jelly beans for Piglet, etc.) All the guests need to guess how many jelly beans or gummy bears are in the jar. The closest guess wins the jar full of candy!

Guess the Baby Animal Name

Take all the animals from Winnie the Pooh and see who knows all the names for the baby animals of each Winnie the Pooh character (for example bear – cub, cat – kitten, etc.).

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