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Coolest Care Bear Baby Shower Ideas

A Care Bear baby shower is a colorful and happy theme to choose. Who can resist the adorable Care Bear characters? Below you'll find the coolest ideas to help you throw the most colorful Care Bear baby shower!

If this is your first time planning a baby shower or you need extra help, check out our Baby Shower Planning Guide for basic and important tips on planning and organizing the most memorable baby shower.

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All of the Care Bears together make for a very colorful color scheme. At many craft and paper stores you can find rainbow-colored papers. You can simply buy these and write all of the baby shower information on them.

It's nice to think 'out of the box' and use real live Care Bear stuffed animals or colorful teddy bears with your invitations! You can buy little Care Bears or colorful teddy bears (stuffed animals, key-chains, little Care Bear figurines or even Care Bear magnets) at the dollar store or in bulk and then attach the invitation using colorful ribbon or string tied around the Care Bear's hand, neck, or around the waist. Another nice addition is to create a little bib for each little Care Bear and write a cute little sentence saying "A baby shower in honor of [expected mother's name]".

Another Care Bear baby shower idea is to look for colorful bear-shaped balloons at party and balloon stores (balloons that when blown up are in the shape of a bear). You can use these to make original invitations: blow them up, write all of the baby shower information on these balloons with a permanent marker, deflate, and put each balloon in an envelope.

You might also find Care Bear wrapping paper at all kinds of craft and party stores. You can use them instead of envelopes and wrap your invitations in them (as if they are gifts!). It's also a nice idea to sprinkle rainbow confetti inside each of the invitations and envelopes.

If you are having the baby shower after the baby is born (this is common for some people), it could be a nice idea to find a picture of a Care Bear, print-out onto an invitation, then take a picture of the beloved new baby's face and tape on top of the Care Bear's face.

Remember to include all the important Care Bear baby shower information: date, time, location, and an RSVP number (if the mother-to-be is registered at a gift registry, don't forget to add this information as well). If you want, you can write a sentence or two encouraging the guests to bring their childhood teddy bears.

To make it easy for you, we've created lots of original Care Bear baby shower invitations below. Each shape has to do with a different Care Bear - the heart for Tenderheart Bear, the rainbow for Cheer Bear, the flower for Friend Bear, the four-leaf clover for Good Luck Bear, and the cute little star is an integral part of Care-A-Lot (the home of the Care Bears).

All you have to do is print them out and add the party details. You have two options:

  • The worded version where we've added all the necessary text and all you have to do is fill in the party details (AND the font is the Care Bears font! You can download it for free from the internet).
  • The blank version where you put in the text.


You can buy bear stencils or Care Bear and rainbow stickers and add them to your invitations and/or envelopes. You can make our printable invitations even more unique by choosing special paper. You can also find all kinds of paper at craft stores. Consider card-stock in different colors or textures.

Try cutting Care Bear wrapping paper into the size of 'Letter'-sized paper and print our Care Bear shape invitations onto the white side of the Care Bear wrapping paper (that way it will have the Care Bear baby shower info on the white side, and on the other side Care Bear wrapping paper). You can laminate each invitation to make each more sturdy.

Tip: if you have older kids, it could be a great activity for them to cut out these invitations and decorate them for you.

If you choose the blank version, here are some more Care Bear baby shower wording options for your invitations (some of the text below comes straight from the lyrics of Care Bear songs):

  • "So happy and cuddly, so colorful and fun, it's a Care Bear baby shower for [expected mother's name]!"
  • "Care-A-Lot is a place we all know, if you don't know where it is... Look inside your heart! You're invited to [expected mother's name] Care Bear baby shower".
  • "Somewhere over the rainbow.... There's a Care Bear baby shower! Come celebrate in honor of [expected mother's name]".
  • "Cousins, kids, every bear! Don't just sit there, Care, Care, Care! You're invited to [expected mother's name] Care Bear baby shower!"
  • "They are expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy, they can BEAR-ly wait (whether a girl or a boy...)".
  • "A 'bear'y special baby is on the way... join us for some Care Bear-rrific fun!".
  • "Our cuddly Care Bear friends want to invite you to a special trip to Care-A-Lot to celebrate (expected mother's name) baby shower!".
  • "Beary Cuddly and Beary Sweet, with cute little hands and cute little feet! A new baby is on the way, so come and celebrate on [expected mother's name] special day!".
  • "It's a Care Bear Baby Shower in honor of [expected mother's name], it's going to be BEARy fun!".
  • "These cute Care Bear friends are here to say, 'come and celebrate this special baby shower day'!".

You can mix-and-match each of these Care Bear baby shower ideas and create your own wording for your invitations. Don't forget to write in Care Bear style (using hearts to dot 'i's, commas, colons, etc.). As I said before, you can download the Care Bear font from here and use it for your invitations. 

For more invitation ideas check out our General Invitation Page, it may give you lots of ideas you can tweak to fit the Care Bear baby shower theme.


There are so many Care Bear baby shower supplies you can find on and off the internet.

The Care Bears are a colorful bunch, you can go ahead and decorate with colorful rainbow colors or choose a few colors which you like most and that may fit to the baby's gender. Once you've chosen your colors, use them to decorate using balloons, streamers, table-covers, plates, napkins, etc. To create colorful two-tone streamers, put two different-colored streamers back-to-back and twist them together.

There are fabric stores that may carry Care Bear printed fabric. You can buy Care Bear fabric and spread over tables for table-covers, over the mother-to-be's chair, sofas, etc.

Disperse Care Bear stuffed animals, figurines, or colorful teddy bears around the party area (you can possibly borrow some from friends). You can use them as centerpieces and attach a helium balloon to their paws or around their waist. You can put ribbon around their necks (ribbon in the colors that you choose as the party colors). You can also put cloth and/or disposable diapers on each of the Care Bears/teddy bears.

Try printing out our Care Bear shape decorations (they're just like the invitations, just bigger) and tape onto walls, doors, on the mom-to-be's chair, etc. 

Here they are (for maximum use, print the first four on colorful paper, each on the color that suits them and then cut out):

You can also take each printed shape, punch a small hole on the top and hang with fishing line from the ceiling to add a nice decorative touch (it's also nice to attach colorful streamers to the bottom of each). You can also cut out clouds from white paper and hang them as well.

It would also be nice to print each Care Bear out with their names and tape them to the walls. There are 10 original Care Bears: Bedtime Bear (is sky blue with a moon and star), Birthday Bear (is light orangey-yellow color with a candle on a cupcake), Cheer Bear (is light pink with a rainbow), Friend Bear (is light orange with two flowers), Funshine Bear (is yellow with a sun), Good Luck Bear (is green with a four-leaf clover), Grumpy Bear (is pale blue with a raining cloud), Love-A-Lot Bear (is pink with two hearts), Tenderheart Bear (orange with a heart, and Wish Bear (is light pale green with a star and rainbow).  

You can add signs to the party area and in the entrance to the baby shower saying all kinds of 'Care Bear'y things, here are a few examples: "Welcome To Care-A-Lot", "Nobody Cares Like A Bear", "Care-A-Lot, We Care A Lot!", "Have A Rainbow Day". You can also decorate with Care Bear books. It will also be lovely to have little vases with beautiful colorful flowers (ones that match your theme colors) or put little flowers floating in little jars with water.

A nice and popular centerpiece is to create a diaper cake, here are lots of homemade diaper cake recipes you can create.

You can make your own colorful bear balloons. For a bear face, use a round balloon, then tape two little balloons as ears (on both sides of the big balloon). With a permanent marker, add eyes, a nose, and mouth on the big balloon face.

You can also create a whole bear (with body). Take the bear face (just explained above), tape to another large round balloon for the body, and attach two little balloons as hand-paws and two little balloons as feet-paws to the big balloon of the body of the bear. It's best if you fill the balloons with helium, that way the bear will be floating in the room (this is not a must, but definitely adds a nice touch).

You can change the light bulbs of all the lamps around the party area to colored rainbow lights. Another cool Care Bear baby shower idea is to put different colored cellophane paper on each window, and you will see that the whole party room will be full of different colors (it can come out very beautiful if the Care Bear baby shower is taking place during the day; the light will shine through the colored windows).  

Tape colorful streamers to the edge of a hula hoop alternating the colors of the rainbow and hang the hula hoops in the party area. Hang crepe paper in doorways alternating the colors to look like a rainbow door curtain. Use large shaped mylar balloons: a heart, a half moon, a sun, a rainbow, a star, four-leaf clovers, etc.

You can also use heart, star, and clover-shaped balloons. You can find these during and right after Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day. Look for St. Patrick's Day decorations and hang a shamrock garland for Good Luck bear or some large shamrock cut-outs.

For more decoration ideas, check out our General Decoration Page.



If you also invite kids to the Care Bear baby shower, you can ask them to come in bear costumes. Here are some very cool homemade Care Bear costumes...

A nice idea is to make Care Bear headbands for everyone (this is nice for adults too). You can buy a large bag of head-bands, cut out half circles from all kinds of colored card-stock, and glue or tape them (two half circles for each headband, one for each ear) to each head-band.

You can also print out our printable shapes on colorful paper and when the guests arrive, give each one a different shape to tape on their stomachs. Then give them a matching Care Bear headband (everyone will be walking around with Care Bear ears and a Care Bear symbol on their bellies, this is great for pictures!).

Another idea is to buy some colorful face paint or face color-sticks and draw a small symbol on each guest's cheek (a heart, a sun, a star, a four-leaf clover, etc.).

Food and Drink


You'll get loads of ideas for baby cakes on

And below is a huge selection of homemade Care Bear cakes:

Here are a few Care Bear baby shower dessert recipes:

An easy Care Bear cake recipe is to take a large cake in the shape of a circle (for the body), a medium-sized circle cake for the face, and 7 cupcakes (two for ears, one for protruding nose and mouth area, two for hands, and two for feet). 

Frost with frosting in the color of the Care Bear that you choose (you can add a fur texture with a grass tip). Add two jelly beans or raisins for eyes, licorice for mouth (or pipe on a mouth with icing) and a heart candy for the nose.

Instead of making the whole body, you can also make a Care Bear face instead. Use a very large circle for the face, a cupcake for the protruding nose and mouth area, and cut a cupcake in half for the ears (use each half for each of the ears).

Another cute Care Bear baby shower dessert is to make Care Bear ice cream balls. This is very easy to do. For these you will need ice cream or sorbet in all kinds of colors (the colors of the different Care Bear characters you choose).

Take the ice cream or sorbet, spoon out a circle onto each dessert plate, add two jelly beans (or M&M's) for the eyes, a heart candy for the nose, thin licorice for the mouth, and cut a colorful cookie in half to put on the top (each half for each ear).

It's best to make these a day before the party. Put each Care Bear ice cream face on a dessert plate and put in the freezer over night.

You can also create a nice rainbow cake on your own: Prepare and bake a round cake according to directions on the package. Once the cake is completely cooled off, cut in half so that you have two semi-circles. Then frost the top of one of the semi-circles and place the other semi-circle on top of it. Place the double layered cake on a cake board. 

Then gently tip the cake up so that the cut edge is placed on the cake board (so that the rainbow is standing). Frost the cake in a rainbow pattern. Instead of frosting with different colors, you can frost with white and then decorate with colorful M&M's to create a rainbow pattern. 

A nice idea is to add whip cream to both sides of the base of the rainbow for a cloud. Also, you can buy a few Care Bear figurines and have them sitting on the rainbow and clouds.

Another cool rainbow idea is to serve individual rainbow cupcakes or put colorful ice cream (Breyers makes rainbow ice cream!) in different colored ice cream cones. 

You can also make CUB-cakes, each being a little teddy bear face.

Tip: A cool thing you can do with any Care Bear cake is to separate the cake batter into 6 different bowls and put a different color of food-coloring in each bowl (one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, and one purple). Then pour in the colorful cake batter into a single cake bowl - either slightly mixing all of them or putting them in layer by layer, one on top of the other.


Ideas for Party Food:

You'll be needing those Care 'Bear Necessities' when feeding your guests... Here are a few cool options for Care Bear baby shower party kits. Most kits include Care Bear plates, cups, napkins, invitations, and more! (You can also decide to buy colorful solid plates for a rainbow-ish feel).

You can create little signs that show the titles of each dish. The signs can be cut out from card-stock in the shape of a bear or with a Care Bear sticker. All of the bread can be cut in Care Bear shapes: hearts, stars, clovers, rainbows, etc. Here are all kinds of food ideas: 

  • Care Bear-shaped sandwiches! Use bear-shaped cookie cutters to cut the bread before-hand. You can then create ready-made sandwiches or have a buffet (guests can put whatever they like in their sandwiches).
  • Anything colorful, or possibly different dishes, each being a dominant color and placed together on the table make for a very colorful buffet. For example - Red: tomato soup or dish, Orange: a carrot and sweet potato dish, Yellow: stuffed yellow bell-peppers, Green: a salad with lots of greens, Blue and Purple can be the table covers (can't think of any blue and purple meals... can you?).
  • Colorful fruit salad: Clear plastic cups filled with red strawberries, orange mandarin oranges, yellow bananas, green grapes, blue blueberries, and purple grapes. (Don't forget the little 'cloud' on top... or in other words whip cream).
  • Care 'Bear'ritos and tacos - it could be a great idea to have a build-it-yourself taco and/or burrito (Care BEARrito) buffet? Provide taco shells and tortillas, separate bowls of cheese, little pieces of cooked chicken, minced cooked meat, cut tomatoes, avocado, sliced onions, lettuce, salsa and whatever else you think will fit.
  • Care Bear Pizzas - you can make little pizzas in the shape of teddy bears. Make the pizza dough and cut into bear shapes with a bear cookie cutter. Put tomato sauce, cheese, and put in the oven.
  • Colored Bread: If you bake your own bread you can make the bread any color you like with food coloring. You can use the colored bread for neat rainbow sandwiches.
  • Rainbow Fruit Kebabs: You don't need to spend lots of time peeling and chopping to make these colorful fruit kebabs. Instead of purchasing whole fruits, you can buy a container of sliced or cubed fruit from the salad bar section of your supermarket. You'll need 6 to 8 pieces per skewer. Firm fruits such as melon, green and purple grapes, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon and oranges work well. For the skewers, you can buy thin wood ones or use colorful plastic drinking straws. To make each fruit kebab, stick the wooden skewers in the fruit or pinch the end of a straw and push it through a piece of fruit. Slide the fruit to the other end of the skewer or straw. Add more fruit to fill the skewer with a range of colors.
  • Rainbow Fruit Salad: chop up a big salad using different colored fruits.


Ideas for Party Drinks: 

You can create colorful ice cubes: just drip different color food coloring in each tray and freeze. Or, instead of food coloring you can use different colored juices. It would be best to serve these cubes in something clear, as in sprite, 7up, water, etc.

You can probably find ice trays with different Care Bear shapes. It's really nice if you had different shaped ice cubes that fit this theme (heart-shaped, star-shaped, clover-shaped, bear-shaped, etc.).

  • Care-A-Lot Rainbow Punch - hawaiian punch mixed with sprite and add scoops of rainbow sherbert.
  • Care 'Bear'y Juice - juice made out of any kind of 'bear'ries (berries), ras'bear'ries, blue'bear'ries, straw'bear'ries, etc.
  • Colorful Juice - there are all kinds of juices out their that you can make or buy. Try having a very colorful array of juice choices.


Ideas for Party Treats:

  • Teddy Grahams
  • Gummy Bears
  • Heart Candies
  • 'Bear'ries (a platter of all kinds of different berries. You can also pre-dip them in chocolate, put in the fridge, and serve them on the dessert table)
  • Care Bear-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls - You can buy Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing, separate dough into pieces, each piece shape into a bear face shape (kind of like a U-shape, so that there is a circle with two ears), and bake until ready. Then add two raisins as eyes, a heart candy in the middle for a nose and pipe icing to complete nose and mouth.
  • Bear-shaped Jell-O (using bear cookie cutters). You can also make regular Jell-O (or even mousse) and put little gummy bears on top.
  • Color-coordinated rainbow Jell-O squares: Choose the flavors of Jell-O that best match your color scheme (you can use as many as seven different flavors). Prepare the first flavor, pour the mixture into a square pan and refrigerate. When this first layer is completely set, prepare the next flavor, pour the mixture into the square pan over the first flavor and refrigerate. Again, allow the Jell-O to cool and set completely before adding additional flavors, one at a time, following the same directions. After the final flavor has cooled and set completely, cut the Jell-O into squares and serve in a clear dish to show off the beautiful rainbow colors. Very cool!
  • Care Bear cookies: You can use a bear-shaped, heart-shaped, star-shaped, sun-shaped, four-leaf clover-shaped, and rainbow-shaped cookie cutters to make Care Bear cookies. To make them colorful either frost them or sprinkle colorful edible sprinkles on each of them.
  • All kinds of colorful candies like M&M's, Skittles, Starburst, gumballs, etc.


Games and Activities

There are lots of Care Bear baby shower games you can play at your shower.

Here's a whole page full of Care Bear shower games to check out. You'll find detailed instructions for games such as:

  • Name that Care Bear  
  • Care Bear Cloud Scooping
  • Rainbow Jell-O Eating Race
  • Care Bear Diaper Race
  • Care Bear Multi-tasking


Thank You's and Baby Shower Favors

It's always nice and thoughtful of the baby shower host to give each guest a small favor to thank them for coming and participating in this special day. Since this is a Care Bear baby shower, you can give out cute little bear favors (what's nice about this, is that you can decorate your party area with all of these Care Bear favors and at the end of the baby shower give to each guest to take home).

Favors can be Care Bear and rainbow stationary, little bear stuffed animals, Care Bear and rainbow socks, small bear and rainbow photo holders, bear key-chains, bear-shaped and rainbow soaps, Care Bear bookmarks, Care Bear band-aids, a bag of gummy bears, bear-shaped and rainbow candles, small jars of honey, Care Bear shaped cookies wrapped in cellophane paper, etc.

You can put all of the Care Bear favors in little heart-shaped boxes (you will most likely be able to find these around Valentine's Day). Boxes that are star-shaped, rainbow-shaped, sun-shaped, clover-shaped etc. all fit this theme as well.

You can also print out our printable Care Bear thank you cards we've created just for you:

Print our Care Bear thank you cards on colorful card stock or bristol paper, cut them out, and glue a magnet to the back of each (this way the guest can put the magnet on their refrigerator and remember and cherish the Care Bear baby shower forever! ;-). 

You can also print out a picture of each guest from the party (photograph each of them with the mother-to-be), glue the picture onto each Care Bear thank-you note, laminate, and glue a magnet on the back. The thank-you note can say something special, thanking the guest for coming.

We've created more free printable thank you cards you can use, check out our General Thank You Card Page.


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