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SBI! is NOT All About Making Money At Home


I got in my camper and drove to meet Claude, who isn't that interested in making money at home. He is, though, very much into Site Build It!.

Claude from and his wife Lise live in a little town called Notre-Dame-Des-Prairies, about an hour and a half north east of Montreal.

Just this year Claude and Lise turned their house into what's called a Gite - a Bed and Breakfast. I didn't know what to expect, so I told them that I'd probably be sleeping in the campervan - just so I wouldn't have to commit. You never know...

But the moment I reached "Villa Des Tourterelles", their Bed and Breakfast (, I would be sleeping the night on a real bed inside a real house after a week on the road.

Before I decided on renting a campervan, I was planning to rent a regular car and just go from one B&B to the other. I'm really glad that I chose the campervan option, but thanks to Claude and Lise, I was about to have a taste of a true Canadian Gite. And what a taste it was!

It was my honor to be one of the very first guests in Claude and Lise's Villa Des Tourterelles.


My SBI! Adventure

With Lise and Claude at the "Gite"!


I had such a wonderful time, I couldn't resist making this little Gite clip:



Claude also helped me understand something very important.

Since I started off with my Web sites, one of my main targets has been to make a living from them. The Web sites are fun, of course, but their main purpose was making money at home that, in turn, would help me free myself. And my sites are doing a good job of that. But Claude's approach sort of struck a bell that has yet to ring in my mind.

Claude is retired. And he's pretty well off with his pension.

He isn't looking for more and more ways of making money at home with his Web sites (although that would always be nice.). Claude is seeking an intellectual challenge - "food" - for his mind. For his soul. During these years of retirement, he wants to be in constant action, he wants to feed his mind and keep it honed, keep those wheels up there turning steadily and not have them disengage. And in building his Web sites he finds that challenge, that excitement to wake up every morning and discover something new.

Here's Claude's excellent success story where he explains how he's making money at home, but not only...

I had never thought of it that way and I'm sure that there are many more retirees out there, just like Claude, who don't need this sort of Web-building challenge to make a living. Yet, it helps them keep on living.


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


I was hoping to stay with Claude and Lise for another night. It was the perfect plan and I had it all set out. I'd have time to write, then we'd go for a tour of the area, I'd play a bit guitar and just chill out.

But as it goes with traveling (and life), plans are made to change. And I just received an email that would completely change my plans...


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