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Thanks for visiting Coolest Parties, a part of the network.

I'm Elad, and together with my sister Tamar, we work hard in hopes of providing you with the best online party ideas resources.

Here's our story...

If you've got anything on your mind regarding this site (or any of our other sites), if you have any questions you'd like to ask or feedback you'd like to give, or, if you just want to say "Hello", please do so via the form below.

Your feedback will be gratefully received.

At work experimenting with party ideas: smashing a raw egg on Tamar's head during Carnival theme party...
"At work" smashing a raw egg on Tamar's head during a Carnival theme party...

Lately, we've received quite a few inquiries regarding the purchase of cakes from our site. Unfortunately, we don't make the cakes and we don't sell cakes. We provide a gallery for people to showcase their homemade cakes. If there's a cake you really like, you can try to contact it's maker by leaving a comment. Good Luck!

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