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Coolest Teddy Bear Games for Baby Showers

We’ve gathered lots of Teddy Bear games for baby showers to help you make your baby shower a blast!

It’s also best to take a look at our general games for baby showers page and check out lots more games your guests can play at the baby shower. You can even ‘tweak’ a few of them to fit your baby shower theme.

Teddy Bear Diaper Race

For this game, you will need one large Teddy Bear, a disposable diaper or cloth diaper and two diaper pins, a pair of mittens, and a stopwatch or timer.

Your guests take turns diapering the Teddy Bear… but here’s the catch (*drum-roll*): they have to do this while they’re wearing mittens! Once they’re done, one of the judges needs to slightly shake the Teddy Bear, if the diaper falls off, then that guest is disqualified. The guest with the fastest diapering time wins the game!

Teddy Bear Multi-Tasking

There is some kind of notion that mommies are capable of handling many things at a time (multi-tasking). This game is for those people who want to give multi-tasking a try! For this game you’ll need a clothesline tied from the two opposite ends (you can also tie a few clotheslines or use a clothes-hanger rack), a basket full of baby clothes, clothespins, a large Teddy Bear and a cell-phone.

The guest needs to hold the Teddy Bear on his or her hip while talking on the cell-phone (in a real conversation) and hang the baby clothes on the clothesline (using clothespins) all at the same time (without dropping the Teddy Bear or the cell phone). They need to be engaging in a REAL conversation. Have someone from another room or a person who isn’t at the party call them on the cell-phone and start a two-way communication with the player.

You can play this as a race, having two people do this at the same time and whoever finishes hanging all the clothes is the winner, or have each guest give a try once and see how many clothes they hang in a 2 or 3-minute time limit while holding the Teddy Bear and talking on the cell-phone.

Draw A Teddy Bear

This is one of those really simple games for baby showers. Give each guest a paper plate and crayon (or marker, whichever they prefer). Each guest writes their name on one side of the paper plate, and on the other side they each have to put the paper plate on their heads and try and draw a Teddy Bear. The mother-to-be can choose the Teddy Bear she likes the most.

Name that Bear!

Each guest gets a paper and pen. On the mark of “GO” they have 5 minutes to write down as many famous bears as they know (as well as types of different species of bears).

Here are a few examples for species: Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Panda Bear, etc.

Here are lots of examples for famous bears: Smokey the Bear, Paddington Bear, Vermont Teddy Bear, Berenstain Bears, Care Bears (Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, Oopsy Bear, and Wish Bear), Winnie the Pooh, Ballerina Bear, Baloo (from the Jungle Book), Billy Bear, Bobo the Bear, the Chicago Bears, Humphrey Bear (from Australian television), Rupert Bear, Yogi Bear, etc. Whoever has the most at the end of the 5 minutes is the winner.

A ‘Bear’ry Good Time

Believe it or not, bears like eating berries! For this game you will need any kind of ‘bear’ries in a bowl (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.), two spoons, and two bowls.

Separate your guests into two teams, giving each team a spoon and a bowl. Each team needs to stand in a line one after the other and the spoon is given to the first one in line (the bowl is given to the second one in line).

The mother-to-be stands on the other side of the room with a bowl full of berries. On the mark of ‘GO’ the first team member of each team runs to the mother-to-be on the other side of the room, takes a berry, puts it on the spoon (they have to hold the spoon from the handle in their mouths), and need to walk to their team with the berry on the spoon without it falling (if the berry falls they need to go back to the mother-to-be and take another berry).

Once the team member arrives to the second person in line (who is holding the bowl), he/she lets the berry drop from the spoon into the bowl. Then the bowl is given to the third player, and the second player (the one who was just holding the bowl) takes the spoon and runs to the mother-to-be. The first team to have all the players give a try is the winning team (or… you can give a time-limit, for example 5 minutes, whoever gets the most berries in the bowl is the winning team!)

How Many Bears?

This is one of those simple games for baby showers. Put lots of gummy bears in a baby bottle (or big jar). Each guest needs to guess how many gummy bears are in the baby bottle/big jar. The closest one wins the baby bottle/jar with gummy bears!

Teddy Bear Water Breaking Game

This can be one of those hilarious games for baby showers! You will need to do a few things a day before the party. Take plastic cups, fill with water, and throw into each cup a little gummy bear (if you have big ice-cube trays, you can put water in them and then a gummy bear in each, make sure the gummy bear is completely covered in water). Put all the ice-cube trays or plastic cups on a tray and in the freezer to freeze overnight.

On the day of the party, give each guest a frozen gummy bear cup (or huge frozen ice-cube with gummy bear in it). The person whose water breaks first (melts the ice and “gives birth” to the little bear) is the winner!

The guests can try all kinds of ways to melt the ice – getting closer to the sun, blowing hot air, licking, etc.; let them be creative (just don’t get them close to a microwave, their plastic cup will melt!).

Teddy Bear Memory Game

Hang a clothesline or two with all kinds of baby items pinned on to it (bibs, diapers, onesies, rattles, teethers, bottles, rubber duckies, etc.). Hang lots of Teddy Bears in between all of these baby items, dispersed on the clothesline.

Tell everyone to take a good look at the clothesline and try to remember everything that is on it. Give them half a minute to a minute to try and remember all of the baby items hanging on the clothesline (they’re not allowed to write down anything, only try to sharpen their memory and remember).

Then after a very short time, take the clothesline down and put in another room. Everyone will expect you to ask them ‘what was on the clothesline’, but you will surprise them and ask them “HOW MANY TEDDY BEARS WERE ON THE CLOTHESLINE?”. This will most likely throw them off… but in any case, whoever gets closest to the amount of Teddy Bears on the clothesline is the winner!

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