For a combined 20th and 22nd birthday I decided to do a Hawaiian theme. Guests were greeted with lei’s at the door, the garden was decorated with pink flamingo’s, tiki torches ad cut up grass skirts around the tables. The cake was made using a a bunt pan- 2 packages of chocolate mix, 1 jar of chocolate icing and 1 of vanilla that was died different colors to make the lava. A cup was fit in the center with warm water that dry ice as periodically put in throughout the night to keep it smoking! It made the cake delicious and moist. We had boys in the back on the BBQ, with hotdogs and hamburgers, a gazebo set up with juice and everyone brought a dish from macaroni salad, to cookies to potato skins. At the end we had a pinata which was barbie themed and not exactly Hawaiian but the girl whose gift that was had everyone sign the bat!

The party was held in early June, in Mississauga, Ontario.
Dry ice was 20$ for the a huge 5kg bag (they didn’t sell it any cheaper and was located using the internet)
The shop that sold it was only a 10 minute drive away.
The lei’s, tiki torches, flamingo’s, beach balls, cake supplies and decorations were purchased at a Dollarama and was less than 30$
tiki fuel was ~6$ from Canadian Tire.

The weather was a bit cold that day which that was unfortunate so we were mostly inside but that was fine, there were about 25 people.

I had some cool ideas for games like a lei toss, volleyball, or guess that Hawaiian word but most of us knew each other so we all just got busy talking.