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Cool Baby Shower Theme

This baby shower theme was for my sister Autumn. I spent five months planning the entire party from the invitations to the food we ate to the table set up at the venue.

I wanted every last detail planned and special for the mommy-to-be because it was my opportunity to give back to her for everything she has done for me.

I printed up the baby shower theme invitations myself at home:

Holly's Baby Shower Theme Party

It was printed on vellum paper with pink ribbon and silver baby shoe charms on each invite. On each envelope I preprinted address labels to make them look more professional.

I chose an Italian restaurant as the venue of the party because it had the most beautiful murals painted on the ceilings and walls. The murals set the ambiance and the location of the room in the restaurant allowed guests to really relax in the their environment. As for decorations, I didn’t want too many decorations because I didn’t want to cover the murals on the walls. So I stuck to simple elegant decor of pink and silver which included a couple of banners, centerpieces with floating candles in each rose petals and baby confetti sprinkled on the tables and balloons.

The baby shower theme party cake was in the shape of a baby bassinet with a pillow and blanket made of icing with “showers of happiness for Bella” printed on it.

Holly's Baby Shower Theme Party

I saved money by choosing things to do myself. I bought plain place cards and hot glued small plastic baby bottles on each with silk flowers along with preprinted names of guests on peel and stick labels.

I made a seating arrangement as well as the table set up because we had decided to invite men and women to this shower.

I also bought a cardboard wishing well and decorated it myself with silk flowers, ribbon, stickers, tulle and other baby paraphernalia.

Holly's Baby Shower Theme Party

I also had a family member help me make party favors. I had ribbon printed up with the baby’s name and date of shower on it and attached it to bags with baby pacifiers. For favors I made chocolate lollipops in the shape of baby carriages, pacifiers, parasols and baby rattles from plastic molds. I bought the chocolate, melted it and poured each lollipop. I used pink and brown chocolate to make them look more artsy and attached cellophane and ribbon.

In addition I bought baby inspired frames for each guest in bulk:

Holly's Baby Shower Theme Party

By planning the baby shower theme party so far in advance I was able to do most of the work myself which allowed me to splurge on the major parts of the shower such as the venue and cake.

We played three baby shower theme games in between each course. They were: Who Knows Mommy Best, Guess the Number of Hershey Kisses in a Bottle, and Baby Bingo. I made up the games myself.

For “Who Knows Mommy Bes”, I printed up pictures of mommy-to-be and made up questions. The Baby Bingo cards were made up with graphics from my home computer to represent each baby item she opened as a gift.

Baby Bingo was the best because it allowed everyone to interact with mommy-to-be while she was opening gifts. As she opened gifts, guests would mark their corresponding bingo cards.

Holly's Baby Shower Theme Party

My sister was so surprised. She thought she was going to lunch and when she saw everyone the tears came down her cheeks. It was truly a magical day with memories made that will last a lifetime.

by Holly S.

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