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Coolest Baby Shower Thank You Poems

Here is a selection of baby shower thank you poems you can add to your thank you cards and make them super-special. You can print out the poems, or even better – hand write them onto your thank you cards. Make sure to check out our thank-you card page to get some great tips for making your cards.

(The following poems are for your personal use and may not be used commercially).

  • I’m really glad that you could come,
    and help surprise my mother;
    sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves,
    and chat with one another.
    Sorry I couldn’t be with you,
    to join in Mommy’s shower;
    it’s because I’m very busy you see,
    I’m growing more each hour.
    Though I’m not here to thank you,
    for the lovely gifts you’ve brought;
    my family is grateful,
    we appreciate the thought.
    I’ll be arriving shortly
    and I’m as happy as can be…
    So, after I’ve been home awhile,
    please come and visit me![Love From Baby]
  • Thank you for the gift,
    that I will soon see.
    Mom and Dad say it’s adorable,
    and that you’ve picked it just for me.Mom and Dad are sending this card of thanks because I still haven’t arrived (and even when I do arrive, I won’t write ’til I’m five).

    Thank you from Mommy, Daddy and Me.

  • Thank you for your love and wishes,
    now it’s my turn to shower you with kisses!
    You made my mommy so happy you came,
    your gift gave us joy just the same!
    It’s almost time for me to arrive,
    when I come out, come say hello and we’ll jive![Love from Baby].
  • Thank you [guest’s name] for the baby gift, my dear and thoughtful friend… When I think of the joy of knowing you my gratitude has no end!
  • Even though I haven’t been born, I thank you for the wonderful gift! My closet was empty, my belongings were few, but that’s all changed, thanks to you! [Love From Baby]
  • (A baby shower poem that can be used during or right after the party):With tiny hands and tiny feet,
    I hope that very soon we’ll meet.
    I hope that you will stay awhile
    and make my mommy and daddy smile.
    Although I can’t be here today,
    there’s something that I’d like to say:
    Thank you for your gifts and wishes
    (And please help mommy with the dishes…)

    [Love from Baby].

  • Thank you all for coming,
    to meet and welcome me.
    I’m glad I finally got to see,
    my new friends and family.
    I love all the things you brought,
    you are very sweet.
    I can hardly wait until
    the next time that we meet.
    My mom is very lucky to know you,
    and now that I’m in the world,
    I’m so very lucky, too![Love From Baby]
  • (A baby shower poem that can be used during or right after the party):I’m almost here,
    I’m on my way;
    I’m the reason you celebrate today.
    You’ve planned and prepared for me to arrive,
    Love is the reason I’m alive!
    So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart,
    for helping my mom and dad give me a great start.
  • (If you’re having Twins):Your gifts and friendship are so gracious,
    soon we will share with you two new faces.
    Hope the new babies bring as much pleasure,
    just like your kindness that we so treasure.

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