Baby Shower Thank You Poem

by Crystal
(Smithfield, NC)

We thank you everyone
with all our hearts
for giving our son
a wonderful new start

Celebrate Ysabella Baby Poem

by Tiffini
(Warren, MI)

Mom and Dad were so nervous
When they learned of me
But they were excited
About having a new baby

“Can we really do it!?”
They cried and complained
And then they remembered
The friends and family who came

You arrived with your gifts
And your well wishes too,
You showed your support
And that you loved me too.

Now mom and dad can relax
Thanks to all that you do.
For they know that my family
Will include all of you.

Your presents were thoughtful
And your blessings sincere
I can’t wait to meet you
Once the stork brings me here!

With Thanks, and Love, and Sloppy Baby Kisses,

Ysabella Rhys
(and her Mommy and Daddy)
instead of ‘Ysabella Rhys’, use your baby’s name

Susanne’s Baby Shower Poem…

by Susanne B.
(Clinton, IL)

Thank you so much for coming,
to our baby shower celebration.
we appreciate your presence,
and all the love and patience!
Your gift has filled our hearts,
and will be useful all the way,
we can’t wait to show our baby
on the very special day!

Short Poem For Baby Shower Favor Tags

by JT

(this poem is written as if the baby wrote it)

“Thanks for sharing our special day,
I hope to see you soon!
Mommy’s ready and I am, too —
‘Cause in here, there ain’t much room.”