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Working from Home - On Wheels

Instead of working from home sweet home, for the next two weeks I would be "working" from my home on wheels - a Campervan!


My SBI! Adventure

My big treat... A Campervan


Yep. I don't like hotels and I don't like to tote my bags in and out of the car every night, so I decided that the best way to carry out this trip was to do it in a campervan. It would give me the freedom to stay where I wanted to and not have to make plans.

The campervan I got from CanaDream was a real dream. It was far larger than it looked when I reserved it on the Net. At first it seemed too large, but I quickly got used to the idea of having enough space and not needing to feel claustrophobic.

I was out of the Caravan pickup outpost at 11am and without a moment to spare, I drove into town to meet with Anna from, a site devoted to giving support and information to parents with special needs children.

Anna herself is a mother to two special-needs children.


My SBI! Adventure

Here I am with Anna (left). Anna inside the camper (right).


Anna is a very special person leading a very special life.

If you've read the prologue to this adventure, you know how much I was waiting to get on the road. Just get away from working from home a bit. It's not anything bad. Everyone needs a break now and then. And I needed my time off from being a full-time, working from home dad to three little girls.

And here I am on the first day of my trip, my first day of this part-time freedom, eating breakfast with Anna at "Chez Cora". We started off talking about SBI! and working from home, but quickly moved on to parenthood. And then she said something that I still can't get out of my mind.

You see, Anna has an eight-year-old son with Cerebral Palsy. And she was telling me about some of the things that she needs to deal with. Situations that I could never imagine before because I've never been there. And I don't have any friends with special needs children.

So she was telling me about this one time her son came to her crying and she didn't know what happened, if he had hurt himself, or what? Because he can't talk yet. And this happens like on a daily basis.

As she was telling me this, all I could think about was if one of my daughters was having a hard time and couldn't communicate her feelings to me, I would go crazy.

I would!

And I knew that very moment that when I got home, and after I hugged my girls to pieces, when that first emotional moment of theirs bounced off the wall, I would remind myself that at least they can SAY what they feel.

Another thing that was really special about Anna is that she's got all this positive energy. She's smiling all the time and talking about how she really wants to make a difference and help parents like herself and a whole bunch of other people. I'm sure that there are many parents in her situation that find it hard to look on the bright side of life and I'm sure that she is sort of a guiding light to them.

I really hope that Anna forges ahead with her site and finds the perfect combination of working from home and doing something that she loves, but also helping parents cope with those little beings that they love so much.

(Even Anna's husband has now started his own SBI! site and may one day be working from home as you'll read in her mail below...)

Here's what Anna wrote me after we met...


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


But there was one last thing Anna said that really made me understand how working from home can be so liberating, especially to those with special needs. Anna said that she hopes that one day her son will be able to start his own Web site and not have to depend on others.

That's a really beautiful vision.

And in today's world, it can come true.

With that vision in mind, and without even taking a spare moment to breath and fully grasp where I was and what I was doing, I got on the freeway (during rush hour - BIG mistake). What should have been an hour's drive to Ancaster, took four! But it was well worth the bumper-to-bumper, because that night I would park my Campervan in one of the most beautiful places...


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