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I'm Back To Working At Home!


I'm back to working at home. It's been almost two weeks since my Canadian adventure.

Luckily I've been focusing all my energy to create this site, so I keep bringing all those wonderful moments to life through my writing.

This trip has been one of the most significant adventures I've ever been on. Right up there with all the rest. No kidding.

I've often pondered on what's so great about traveling to different and unknown places? Why am I so strongly drawn to get on the road and go? And I always come to the same conclusion.

It's the people I meet that make traveling so intriguing.

I hope that through my story I have been able to convey to you, if only a bit, how special the people of SBI! are. They are sort of pioneers in this virtual world. People who have decided to take control of their lives and set out to discover the realms of the vast Net. It's not without concern, but with a whole lot of excitement and belief that they, with the help and guidance of SBI!, will eventually find that river of gold.

And they will.

The day before I met with Ken, I spent the day at a really nice cafe called Java-U in Dollard Des Ormeaux on the West Island of Montreal (it's on the route map I created...) It was the perfect place to summon my muse and put together a rough draft of my story so I could send it to Ken before we met. What ultimately turned into this site, was just one long page of very raw experiences.

I wanted to share with you what Ken wrote me back:


My SBI! Adventure

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The morning after meeting Ken and the family, I checked my mail before setting out to meet Linda and Debs, and I already had this letter in my inbox:


My SBI! Adventure

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