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How I Work from Home and Travel Around the World


Before I got married and started to work from home, I spent years on the road, toting a backpack and hitchhiking across the world. Now, with a family to take care of and a wife that dreams of our own home, you could say that I’ve sort of settled down.

But… because I work from home and I’m my own boss, I've managed to negotiate this "travel agreement" with my dear wife. We travel twice a year. Once a year we go for a month as a family. And once a year I go alone for two, maybe three weeks (depending on how good I bargained that year).

Since my big SBI! Caravan Adventure in 2008, I've added a special twist to my travels... Everywhere I go in the world, I make it a point to meet an SBI!er or two on the way. It's added a whole new dimension to both my travels and my perception of working from home.

Here's the adventure that inspired this entire site and below are my most recent SBI! adventures:


April 2008 - My Big SBI! Caravan Adventure in Canada

My Big SBI! Canada Adventure

Instead of my usual journey to the realms of some third-world country, I set out to visit some of the most amazing sites in the world SBI! sites. Actually, the people behind the sites. I met over thirteen SBI! site owners, a handful of Sitesell staff members and, of course, the guy who created SBI!, Dr. Ken Evoy and his family.



May 2009 - Romantic Tuscany with an SBI! Work from Home Twist

My Romantic Tuscany Adventure with an SBI! Twist

I took off to Italy for five days with my wife. The main purpose of this trip was to take some time off from being mommy and daddy and just be together. However, I couldn't help squeezing in just one SBI! encounter. We met up with Jim and Fiona from They’re long-time SBIers, their case study has been featured since the dawn of SBI! case studies, and, they’re really living the work-at-home dream. Wait till you see where they live!



November 2004 - All Aboard the SBI! Marrakesh Express

All Aboard the SBI! Marrakesh Express

After years away from the backpacker circuit, I left my wife and girls at home and set out to discover Morocco on a shoestring. It was my first post-SBI! adventure and a dream come true. Budget hostels, cheap eats, sweet mint tea, bustling markets, bed bugs... and the realization that while I was away on vacation, sleeping in a far-off Berber cave up in the Atlas Mountains, my sites continued to "work from home" and earn me more money than I had ever hoped for.

I continue to go out and travel, but writing about my travels has been more of a challenge... Since starting off with SBI! in 2003 I've visited Cuba, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Holland, Vietnam, Thailand and many more awesome places. One day I'll write my memoirs, but for now I'm busy planning my next trip... Bon voyage!