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Life's a "Ball" for Work at Home Dads


I couldn't help but wonder if there were any other SBI! work at home dads together with me on flight number 085 from Tel-Aviv to Toronto?

Probably not.

Five years ago, in 2003, I started my first Site Build It! (SBI!) site together with my sister, Tamar. It all happened rather quickly and before I knew it I had left my day job and I became one of those fortunate full-time work at home dads. I could sleep in late. I didn't have a boss to tell me what to do. It was exciting to have my own income-generating Web site. And, I spent lots of time with my then two-year-old daughter, Maya.

Life was a ball.


Hiking with Maya

Hiking With Maya in 2003


Our second daughter, Noa, was born in 2004. As my wife, Naama's, 12-week maternity leave was about to end, she couldn't stand the thought of being torn away from our baby so soon. We were earning a steadily rising income from the Web site and could get along without her teacher's salary. Besides, I had attained the dream of becoming one of those work at home dads. Now it was her turn. Naama said goodbye to her teaching job and stayed at home together with me to be a full time mother. In her spare time (not that there was much of it) she began studying to be a prenatal counselor and lactation (breastfeeding) consultant.

Life was a ball.


With Maya and Noa

With Maya and Noa in 2004


Naama had found her calling to be a mother and counselor to other Moms, the girls were growing up and we were there to take part in the magic of it all. We also enjoyed our time together.

In 2007, our third daughter, Shira, was born. (I guess we enjoyed our time together just a bit too much ;-)


The Tables Had Turned - With Maya, Noa and Shira

With Maya, Noa and Shira in 2008


Only when we had returned home from the hospital with Shira, did I realize that the tables had suddenly turned against me.

Life was a ball. An hysterically bouncing ball!

Work at home dads have fun. It's great. It's liberating. It's fulfilling. But it's impossible to get anything done when you're living and working amidst a tribe of little and big Women. It doesn't matter what age they are, they are women. And when those little hormones start bouncing off the walls, I run for cover!

Sweet little Maya is almost seven and going on 15. Noa, at the tender age of four, could teach angry Smurf a few lessons. Shira, still too young to express herself, will undoubtedly follow in the path of her elder sisters. And, so I'm told by more weathered fathers-of-girls and work at home dads, I've just seen the tip of the iceberg.

Hold on. All you ladies out there. Please don't get mad at me (I've got my fair share at home :-). I'm a man. From Mars. An emotionally-challenged, easy-going, calm, and super-rational man. I love my girls dearly. They are my world and they all have me twirling around their little fingers. But that bouncing ball has me on my toes and running for cover 24/7.

(Naama did make an attempt to help me even it out, though. She brought me a dog. A MALE Australian Shepherd. I would proudly strut my "boy" around the neighborhood, till it turned out he was "fixed" and not much of a "boy" anymore. )


My 'Boy' Casey

With My 'Boy' Casey


For the sake of my sanity, I began envisioning my next trip. Two weeks. Alone. To some far off place just like in the good old days. However, with three little girls to take care of at home, you can't just leave your wife and go traveling.

I can't, at least. Especially when everyone is so used to you being at home most of the day.

One of the most important luxuries for us work at home dads, is that we are our own bosses (at least we think we are...). So, as my boss, I decided to send myself on a "business trip". It took a bit of contriving and convincing to put this business trip together, but ultimately it was approved by my Board of Directoresses.

This was the beginning of my SBI! adventure in Canada...


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