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Meeting the Real Faces of SiteSell


On the way back from Bromont I kept thinking about the SiteSell staff members I'd be meeting the next day. I parked the night (again) in Lise's driveway in Hudson (needed that hug.). At 7am I hitched a ride with her husband, Pierre, into downtown Montreal.

My first stop was Theresa's house.

Since starting up with SBI!, I've received many emails from Theresa Coffey. I never knew what she does at SiteSell, what she looks like or who she is. All I knew is that once every while she asks that I update my success story. And since the beginning of the year I had been sort of brushing her off.

Even as it is now, our story sounds imaginary. Brother and sister build Web site without any previous knowledge and make thousands of dollars a month. (Do you know how many emails I get asking me something like - "I read your success story. Does SBI! really work?")

You know what? I probably wouldn't believe it either.

So now, as we near 1,000,000 visitors per month across our six Web sites, what sort of update can I send Theresa without it sounding even more far-fetched and without me feeling like I'm bragging about it?

So, I just didn't send Theresa any update. And the weeks went by. And I started feeling guilty. And that's when the idea for this SBI! SiteSell adventure came up. It was the perfect way to get around not updating my own success story.

So now you understand that this whole trip is Theresa's "fault". And, after meeting Theresa (AKA "Mother T"), I will not dare brush her off again.


My SBI! Adventure

With Theresa (Mother T) and Natasha (N!)


Theresa does other stuff besides sending me those periodical update requests :-) She is the head of content team. She edits, polishes, writes, advises, uploads, supervises, etc. across the three divisions - Sitesell, SiteSell Education and SiteSell Services.

Theresa was my main contact when planning this adventure. She provided me with a list of SBI!ers on my chosen route and served as my virtual base of operations.

She also got back at me for brushing her off.

When I arrived at Theresa's house to meet HER, I found out that she had invited a number of people to meet ME. I admit, it was fun and flattering to see a bunch of SBI!ers and SiteSell staff having a get-together in my honor, but still, just a bit awkward for someone like myself.

Who was there? Let's see. Shaun Fawcett from (also a featured case-study), Ian from, Sveta from, Amel came with her husband, and then there were the SiteSell crew - Allan Abrahams (AKA "Al the Graphic Guy") and Natasha Vincent (AKA "N!")


My SBI! Adventure

With Allan B. Abrahams, Vice President, Development and Web Operations - Better known as "Al the Graphic Guy"


I wish I had more time to get to know everyone, but it was quite impossible to talk while gobbling all that tasty food Theresa had organized. And, I also had to get going to make my 3pm appointment with Ken.

Mother T dropped me off in the heart of downtown right in front of Ken's building.


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