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Site Build It! Heart and Soul


I woke up in Hudson. It was almost the end of my Site Build It! adventure.

Before setting off on the long drive back to Toronto, I made an unplanned stop to have breakfast with "The Glue": Linda Pace, one of the four SiteSell "Admin Babes" - as she describes it.


My SBI! Adventure

With Linda Pace, AKA "The Glue"


Why "The Glue"?

Well, you know all the little cracks that every company has? Linda fills them. From random testing of a bunch of Site Build It! features to helping affiliates with specific needs, Linda does everything that no one else does. She sort of monitors a whole bunch of stuff and, thus, she refers to herself as the SiteSell Hall Monitor.

Originally, I hadn't set a date with Linda. My schedule was so full and I didn't think I could fit any more in. I wasn't aware, however, that Linda lives so close to Hudson, and knowing this, there was no way I wasn't going to stop by and get a whiff of "The Glue" of Site Build It!.

And I'm so glad that I did!

I was not surprised at all to meet yet another very dedicated and super-caring SiteSell staff member. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I've got to say it again: the people that run SiteSell and create SBI! a very special bunch.

I've always been a very strong advocate of Site Build It!, because through my experience with the product itself, I know that it works. But now that I've met the people who are behind this wonderful product, and now that I know how much devotion envelops Site Build It!, I feel that much more excited to tell the whole wide world about how this product can help you change your life.

Just to be clear on this point, Site Build It! won't change your life. Site Build It! will HELP YOU change your life.



Breakfast with Linda zipped by and I was off to hop over the border to NY State where I'd be meeting my last SBI!er of the trip, whom Ken calls the"heart and soul" of Site Build It! - Debs from

I knew Debs as the undisputed Queen of the forums. Over 25,000 posts?!!!! That's super human! There are not many people who would spend their time just trying to help others without expecting anything in return. It is inspiring to see and I hope I can, in my way, also help people find the strength to go out on their own adventure and make a real change in their lives.


My SBI! Adventure

With Debs, the "heart and soul" of SiteSell


Debs was "drafted" by Ken to join the SiteSell squad.

One day, after Ken had seen this Debs lady in the forum writing post after post after post, he just called her out of the blue and said, "Hi, this is Ken, what do you want from me?!"

Ken just couldn't understand why someone would devote that much of their time to help others at the forum. When he was convinced that she didn't want anything from him, besides to pay it forward, the tables turned and Ken suddenly wanted Debs to join the staff.

For quite a while she refused, but when SiteSell Coaching started up, Debs decided that she wanted to spearhead the program. SiteSell Coaching is a service that lets SBI!ers buy a few hours of one-on-one coaching to help them get over a hump or give them a needed push.

I think that the SiteSell Coaching program will be a HUGE success - especially with someone like Debs at the helm. One of the biggest challenges people have with this whole online adventure is not having "real" people to communicate with. Real voices. Real faces. I've got Tamar and that's still not enough.

The whole purpose of my trip and my primary intention was to make Site Build It! real for me. I was living in a virtual world for years.

But not everyone has the luxury of taking off for a few weeks. And knowing that you can buy a few hours of real-life support from people like Debs is such a big advantage and will be of immense value to many of those out there who need just a little extra push to get the wheels moving.

As we spoke, Debs told me her own personal story and how she got into building a site about helping people take the necessary steps to get out of debt. It wasn't easy for her to tell. It was such a touching and inspiring story that I really hope Debs will one day find the strength to write about it and share it with others. It would have an enormous impact. And, it would probably be equivalent to 20,000 forum posts - at least.

I had to get going. I was so glad I got a chance to meet up with Debs. It was well worth the two hours they held me up at the border going back into Canada . They just couldn't understand why I was driving a campervan alone. They x-rayed the vehicle and I guess were a bit disappointed when they didn't find any firearms or tobacco. Just loads of maple syrup :-)

Now, I was headed back to Toronto and this was it. No more SBI!ers to meet. Or at least that's what I thought.


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