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Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their ideas for scavenger hunts to this site. On this page, just below the form, you'll find recently submitted ideas. Every once in a while we review all of the ideas and add the very best ones to the MAIN Scavenger Hunt Ideas page.

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Maybe you've got a great idea on how to create a cool scavenger invitation? Or you have great ideas for an original teen and/or adult scavenger hunt?


Scavenger Hunt Ideas Submitted by Visitors

Sweet Sixteen Scavenger Hunt Ideas 
Sweet 1. A video or a recording of child singing Mary Had a Little Lamb 2. A picture with a really cute guy 3. A picture of an older couple holding …

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 
Create a long list of numbered items, such as 8 round toothpicks, 1 raw hotdog, 2 raw eggs, 19 cottonballs, etc.... Create a long list of items. Give …

Scavenger Hunt Ideas by Alexis 
* Picture of a Human Pyramid in a big store * Bring A used delivery pizza box from and w/ the signature of someone you know. * Picture of an adult …

More Scavenger Hunt Ideas 
We were going to get in late one night to my wife's parents house. We decided that instead of telling them we were pregnant in a boring way that we would …

Transylvania Trip Around Town Scavenger Hunt 
Here are 4 different lists for the Transylvania trip around town scavenger hunt: 1. A toy gun 2. A Cat tail (the plant, real or fake) 3. A necklace …


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