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You Too Can Earn a Living on the Internet!

Here's My Personal Account of Reaching Financial Freedom


I've been building my Websites with a tool called Site Build It! (SBI!) since 2003 and it's already 2016 (!!). I'll start off with the hard facts:

  • The income I earn from my SBI! Web sites supports my family (and my carefree lifestyle).
  • I work on my Web sites full-time from home and I have no boss!
  • I am a full-time dad to my three girls (and, no less important, I'm also a full-time husband).
  • We recently moved into our new house built 100% with income earned from my Web sites!

Full time with my girls


What is SBI! - Site Build It!?

Well, Site Build It! is much more than a "sitebuilder". Site Build It! encompasses all the knowledge and all the tools needed to understand the Internet and succeed online. For someone like myself who had no Internet knowledge but dreamt of the internet's freedom, Site Build It! was the perfect place to set out. All the tools in one place. All the methods and knowledge in one place.

Not everyone has the patience or capability to seek and sift out bits and pieces from all over the Net. And with so many scams and scammers out there, I was eager to find my "anchor". That's what SBI! is for me. An anchor. A trusted mechanic who won't dupe me, so to speak. To me, that's priceless, and all that I've learned about building a successful online business, I've learned from Site Build It! and it's creator and visionary, the well-known Dr. Ken Evoy.

Here's a more detailed explanation to What is SBI!?

Before we go any further, these are my Websites:


Can you argue with numbers?

My SBI sites averaged over 1.2 million unique visitors per MONTH in 2014. Go ahead and Google mega-traffic words like "homemade costume", "kid parties", "homemade birthday cake ideas", and thousands more. The proof to whether SBI! works or not is right there in the search results. And I'm sure that anyone who claims to know anything about the Internet also knows what sort of money is involved with this volume of traffic.

I could go on and on about Site Build It!, but my success, much of it documented on this site, is all the proof one needs to know that SBI! can work for those who are willing to work hard. Obviously, not everyone will succeed with Site Build It!, but isn't that true for everything else?

If you don't try, you'll never know.



Back in 2003, I wrote This Story describing how I left my day job and realized my dream of working from home and being a full-time father.

Over the years, quite a few people have sent me letters telling me that my story had inspired them to do the same. That they too were fed up with the rat race and decided to pursue their own dream of working from home.

When I set out to be my own boss, I never planned on inspiring anyone. I just wanted to free myself. But finding out time and again that my story is empowering others to do the same, well, that has become one of the most rewarding things for me. To such an extent that Your Letters have inspired me to build this site and share more of my dream stories.

The age of the Internet has made working from home accessible to everyone. Almost every other person I run into today dreams of working from home. Most often, the problem is that most people don’t know where to start.

Neither did I. Until I found Site Build It!.

Early on in my quest for “freedom”, I ran into SBI! and it has provided me with all the knowledge and tools to succeed. I consider the day I decided to give SBI! a shot as the day I set out on a life-changing adventure.

The highlight and the original story that sparked this site is this special Adventure to Canada to meet the "father" of Site Build It!, Dr. Ken Evoy, and other people like myself who have chosen to change their lives with the help of SBI!.

I now work from home on my Web sites, earn a substantial “passive” income, and have all the time in the world to pursue my many other dreams. You can see my dream list just below this short video...




My Dream List

The dreams I've listed below are just a small number of the many dreams I hope to realize. I keep a dream list and every time I think up a new dream or goal I add it to the list. I try to review my dream list as many times as I can (at least once a week). It keeps me focused on where I'm going and what I hope to achieve.


"All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We
Have The Courage To Pursue Them"

-- Walt Disney


I Dream to… Work from Home

Working from Home

In this section I share with you my personal story of how I jumped into the world of the Internet without any technical know-how and within six months dropped my day job and began earning thousands of dollars each month. I also share my insights into the world of working from home... Click to read...



I Dream to Buy... a New Home to Work From...

Working from our New Home

My Father-in-Law once told me that “in our day and age” it's way too difficult (I think he used the world "impossible") for a young couple to get very far without their parents' help. In July 2010 we moved into our new home, paid for 100% with the income we earn online (and without any help from our parents). In this section I share with you the story of how my wife's dream of buying our own house became my dream also. And why it was so important for me to prove to my in-laws that "impossible" doesn't exist. Click to read...



I Dream to… Travel around the World

In Antarctica, Trying to Look Like Sir Francis Drake...

Before I got married, I spent years backpacking around the world. Now, with a family to support, I've sort of settled down. But I've still got the travel bug so and once in a while I'll take off for a few weeks. Since starting with SBI!, I've added a special twist to my travels... Everywhere I go in the world, I make it a point to meet an owner or two of a Site Build It! site. In this section, I share with you my most recent SBI! adventures... Click to read...




I Dream to… Play Pro Soccer (at the age of 38!)

Soccer Goalkeeper

Being a soccer goalkeeper was my childhood dream, but like many other childhood dreams, it got lost somewhere along the way. Since I was 18 I didn’t participate in any sort of sports, let alone kick a ball. But in 2008, at the “tender” age of 38, I decided that it was time to give soccer another “shot”. I committed myself to a rigorous, self-imposed training camp and set out to realize my childhood dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper… Here’s what happened…




I Dream to… Act on Stage

Professional Actor

"The Wanderer" is the first (and only) stage show I ever wrote. It was back in 2003, when I was 33-years-old. With no previous acting experience, I began to perform across the country with “The Wanderer” and within less than a year, the show earned a spot at the "Kameri" National Theater. Now, years later, I've performed with “The Wanderer” over 400 times and apart from enriching my soul, it's earning me an extra income I never even hoped for. In this section I share with you my story of how I created the show from scratch and successfully marketed it via the Web without depending on any commission-cutting agents... Click to read...



Happy Dreaming!