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How to Get Married and Make Your Own Website Cover the Cost!


When you use SBI! to make your own website, you really don't need to know anything that's technical. That's what's so great about it. And my next meeting was with a relatively new SBI!er who, just like me, knew very little about building websites when she started out.

From Anthony I drove directly towards the Beaches area and met with Susanna from

The Beaches area is one of those wonderful parts of town I would have probably never visited if I was on the regular tourist route. Susanna and I met at 3:30pm and she had a 6:30pm Yoga class. We parted ways around 9:30pm after doing some serious pub/cafe hopping and SBI!-yapping...


My SBI! Adventure

Susanna asked that I point out that she didn't eat all the ribs. I did :-)


I hope Susanna's Yoga teacher wasn't too hard on her for missing class. We did do a whole lot of talking and walking (and eating) - so that is some form of exercise. Right? OK, well.

One of the topics that came up during our conversation was Susanna's first impression of SBI!, mainly of SBI!'s "followers" in the forums. How, at first, their excitement for SBI! sort of puts you off a bit. Yvonne (from from said the exact same thing.

I've heard some people say that one of the main things that put them off when they first started reading about SBI! and browsing through the forums and all that was that it seemed a bit "cultish".

The SBI! cult.

And that's why they didn't give it a try.

All I can say is too bad for them. Sometimes people get so scared of making a change in their lives that they tag those who DO want to make a change - a cult.

Susanna was the youngest "cult" member I'd met so far :-) Lucky for her!

She hadn't wasted her whole life on day jobs and still has so many years ahead of her to build and expand her great site concept. And I'm sure that if she follows the Action Guide, and if she keeps focused on building quality content, her future children ;-) will have their mother working from home and there for them 24/7. That's something that many mothers only dream of.

And you know what? In today's world you don't have to dream anymore. If you're a mom or dad and you want to work from home, you CAN make your own website and have it earn for you and your family a really good living.


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


After parting ways with Susanna, I spent the night at that Green P Parking lot and it was one of the best nights I had on the trip. It cost me six bucks and the internet connection from some nearby house's unsecured network worked immaculately. I wonder what Anthony "the real-estate lease advisor" would have to say about my find :-)

Now you can even make your own Website from a Green P Parking lot ;-)


My SBI! Adventure

My piece of "real-estate" at the Green P Parking Lot off of Queens in the Beaches area of Toronto


On the fourth day, I took a break from meeting SBI!ers in order to recuperate, reflect, get a bit of writing done, buy a bunch of gifts for the girls, and drive towards my next destination - Ottawa.

There in Ottawa, on the fifth day of my "road-trip", I was to meet the SBI! guitar guru!


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