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The Diva who Increased Web Site Traffic


It was already getting dark and I still had a few hours to drive until I reached Toronto.

The cell phone rang.

On the other end was a lady that introduced herself as Wendy from She had just gotten word from Debs that I was in town and wanted to know if we could meet the next day.

The first moment I was like. Oh No! I can't talk about SBI!, or increased Web site traffic, or all that other stuff even one more word.

But when she told me that she would drive two hours to Toronto just to meet me, I was so flattered, that I couldn't say no. Besides, Wendy sounded so fun, that I didn't want to say no.

We set to meet at the RV depot where I was to drop off the campervan.

The next morning I said goodbye to my home on wheels and hello to Wendy and her husband, Serge (who videoed the clip below). What a fun-filled time we had!



I met quite a few SBI!ers during these two weeks. Most had the same big challenge - trying to get increased Web site traffic. It's something that we all have to work so hard for and when it doesn't happen, it's really frustrating. I've actually met people who gave up on potentially great sites just because traffic didn't come along as fast as they hoped it would.

And here comes Wendy, and turns out she's a true master that has increased Web site traffic to her sites tremendously! And she's not making the money she should be!


Because Monetizing is a big challenge for her. So, instead of getting over the hump and teaching herself how to Monetize effectively, she's chosen to spend most of her time guiding others on the forums to attain increased Web site traffic. That's real sweet of her, helping others and all. But it's also a very good excuse not to face that "daunting" task of Monetizing. There's just so much you can get out of traffic once it starts flowing in.

So, all Wendy has to do is re-read this page on what to do with increased Web site traffic, and of course, read the Action Guide ;-)

It was also fun to meet someone who shares a site that has a similar theme to ours. Parties. Wendy also shares the same problems we do of having our site's content vulnerable to copycats because it is all based on ideas.

You know, when Tamar and I started off with our kid parties site, there weren't any like it. Then, after the success story went up, we started seeing so many other sites - SBI! and non-SBI! - that virtually took from us the concept, the look-and-feel, some even blatantly copied our content or just re-arranged it. It was so very frustrating at first.

But I won't forget what Ken told me then. He said just to forge ahead. Don't look back. There will always be those who are in a mind set of copying and not creating. They will never succeed. So as long as you forge ahead and think out of the box, you'll stay ahead. And that's what we did.

He said that we'd have to think like we were the big shark in the water and there would always be little fish eating off the crumbs.

Natasha (from the get-together at Theresa's) coined these as "para-sites" :-)

There is enough room on the Web for a ton of party Web sites, but the only way someone will succeed in attaining increased Web site traffic is if they think original.

Wendy is definitely super-ORIGINAL with her sites! And that's why Wendy has and will continue to succeed.


My SBI! Adventure

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Wendy, it turns out, alongside being an SBI! talent, is the official "SiteSell Jester". If I would have known, I may have thought twice about meeting her ;-) She kept calling me the SBI! Rock Star, which again, had me blushing and running for cover. And if that wasn't enough, she sent me this image she drew of me. I asked her to remove the "Rock Star" bit, but as you'll seen in her reply below, she just kept taunting me :-)


My SBI! Adventure


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


This was the end of my Canada SBI! adventure and Wendy's clowning around was the perfect final note.

A week later, after reaching home and after I had time for my adventure to sink in, I sat myself down to write some final thoughts.


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