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Titanic Home Based Internet Business


My last visit in Ottawa was to meet Richard Bergman. Here's Richard's inspiring home based internet business success story...

I thought I was going to meet this calloused guy who builds decks all day and talks about hammers and drills on his site.

Was I in for a surprise.

First of all, though, I was the one to do the surprising when I arrived at Richard and Jody's house alone. They thought I was coming with my entire family and had prepared lunch accordingly. So I made an effort to eat like an entire family.

More excess weight :-)


My SBI! Adventure

Taking a break with Jody and Richard


We got to talking about Kirby and his guitar site and suddenly Richard goes to one of the rooms, brings a classical guitar, and plays Pachalbel for me!

Where did that come from?!

That's really what's so great about this trip. I'm meeting people on account of sharing a mutual passion for SBI! and then a whole new world opens up and I see these other really amazing sides to them. And what a coincidence that there is another SBI! guitarist, Kirby, about a ten minute drive from Richard and they've never met.

It's hard to believe how much Richard has going on. A regular job - as a calloused. lawyer! He's got this wood post anchor patent called "Titan" that's really cool. And there's also the Web site which is bringing in truck-loads of traffic. He described it all as "holding a Tiger by the tail".

I guess only someone like Richard who is exploding with so much positive energy can juggle all these things at once and still have time to train for a half-marathon :-)

I was impressed!

Richard will undoubtedly reach the goal of his to have a big and successful offline business. The only thing is that he better find a way to clone himself or at least his energy so that somehow he'll be able to control his "Titanic" offline business as well.


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


From Ottawa I drove over to Hudson. Usually, you can do the drive in about an hour and a half.

It took me three hours.

I had quite a bit of extra time, so I chose the slowest route possible. It was also one of the more majestic routes I had taken on the trip, curling and curving along the banks of the great Ottawa River.

In Hudson, which is also where SiteSell and SBI! were "born" during the years Ken Evoy lived there with his family, I was to meet one of the most giggly and huggable SBI!ers. And we had our work cut out for us to try and figure out WHY she hadn't succeeded in her attempts to build a successful home based internet business with SBI!...


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