My sister-in-law selected a Farm Animal baby shower theme. I bake cakes as a hobby so I created a barn cake based on the old Fisher-Price barn. I used the Fisher-Price farm animals as accessories. I created grass around the farm using colored coconut and made a dirt path using brown sugar.

On the back of the barn I used frosting to create the shape of a Bell. My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Bell and her family has a barn in Indiana with a bell painted on the back.

For favors we purchased miniature galvanized buckets pitchers and vases. They were silver with a small white stencil on the front. Very country. We filled them with silk flowers and finished them off with checked ribbons in a variety of colors.

I also bought large versions of the buckets, pitchers and vases and filled them with daisies and other wild flowers. For additional flowers I filled mason jars with corn kernels and water and arranged the flowers.

Farm Animal Baby Shower

For the Farm Animal baby shower decorations we found checkered napkins in colors that matched the ribbons of the favors.

We used some of the galvanized buckets for chips and other food and placed them on the napkins or used the napkins to line the buckets. Tables were covered in checkered blankets and we used old-fashioned pitchers for the drinks.

A large galvanized tub held cans of soda and water bottles. For additional decorations several of us brought stuffed farm animals to place around the house. Food for the Farm Animal baby shower included corn on the cob, chicken and watermelon.

Farm Animal Baby Shower Barn Cake