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With this next SBI!er, I knew I'd have lots to talk about besides how we earn money at home using SBI!. I was about to meet Kirby - the SBI! Guitar Guru from

And we sure did have lots to talk about besides SBI!.

I even convinced Kirby to do a little music video in my campervan. He didn't want to at first, but I told him that it was like going on the road :-) That did the job.



Kirby teaches guitar on his site. He actually teaches far more than just Kenny Chesney songs. On his site he's got a library of over a hundred tutorials of some of the most popular songs. He gets a lot of new requests on a daily basis. Kirby also sells custom-made DVDs of his tutorials. He's been very successful with selling the DVDs and it's a neat way to earn money at home.

What's so great about Kirby's videos is that they are so personal and not intimidating like many other instructional vids. He does a great job of adding his own special flavor, he's down to earth and comes across as very sincere and likeable, especially to someone like me who's scared to death to try out some of the stuff that's there.

And Kirby can expand to so many different directions with this niche that it's just endless. He better hurry up, though. Once I finish going over his tutorials and I become a Kirby-certified guitar master, I could open my own guitar site and use it to earn money at home ;-)


My SBI! Adventure

On the road with Kirby...


Kirby retired from the military and bumped into SBI! not long thereafter. Soon (if not already) he will probably earn more money from his SBI! site than his military pension :-)

It's funny to think of Kirby as a retiree. He's not even 50 and looks way younger. And, he's also a grandfather!

Luckily, I don't need to worry about pensions and retiring.

You see, I retired in 1991.

I was 21 at the time. :-)

I had just completed my military service and was eager to discover the world. I caught a severe case of the travel bug and it was only eight years later when I finished my retirement and "settled" down to get married and start a family.

Now, having already retired, I have all my life to work and earn money at home...

I have been fortunate to discover SBI! early on in my life so when I get old, my sites will serve as my pension plan. And, if I build my sites correctly, they'll also be around and making money when my own grandchildren retire :-)


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


The next day I was to meet one of the most successful SBI!ers. I thought it would be this brawny guy that walks around with a tool belt. Was I in for a surprise...


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