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Coolest Dog Birthday Party Ideas

If you love throwing parties, how about a special dog birthday party for your beloved companion? It's a great "excuse" to invite some of your canine pals (and their escorts...) to celebrate together the passing of a year (uhem, actually seven years :-)

Below you'll find two original Dog Birthday Party ideas, photos and stories. Normally, our visitor-submitted parties are called "Party Tales" - except dog parties... these we call "Dog Tales".

We'd like to say a special thanks to Bonnie and Beth who helped us initiate this section of our site.

Toyland Dog Birthday Party

A Birthday Dog's Coolest Toyland Theme Party

We had a dog party last September for our dog Phoenix, who was turning 5. For this party, we decided on an Ancient Egypt theme because we’ve always found Ancient Egypt to be fascinating, with mummies, pharaohs, god and goddesses, and hieroglyphics. We recreated the walls of an Ancient Egyptian temple with hieroglyphics and scenes from stories about the ancient gods and goddesses. We also depicted some scenes from Ancient Egyptian life. We tried to connect all the games to Egypt in various ways. The games are all fun and appropriate for children and/or adults, though a few were made to be played with the help of dog team-mates... Read more about this Toyland Birthday Dog Party.

Egyptian Dog Birthday Party

Coolest Egyptian Dog Birthday Party

We threw a Toyland party for Aladdin, our 9 year-old golden retriever. Aladdin is very playful and likes toys, so this theme seemed like a good choice. We also liked it because toys are associated with having fun and are also very colorful, interesting, and varied in type. The guests were some adult friends and a couple of dogs, friends of Aladdin. We made twelve games. Most of the games would be great for children (around 8 and up) and/or adults to play, however, a couple of them are intended to be played with the help of dogs (who can be on teams with humans)... Read more about this Egyptian Dog Birthday Party.


Once your party is over, we'd love for you to send us your Dog Tale. Family, friends and just about anybody will be able to find inspiration from the hard work you've put into your dog birthday party.