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Letter from Anna:

Hey Elad, how are you?   I hope that you are enjoying the city and surroundings as well as meeting with interesting SBIers.

I quite enjoyed our visit.  So much so that I ended up leaving an hour later than intended :-)  you were right about having a hard time getting SBIers to shut up about SBI!   (Can you tell I don't get out much?...:-)....

Thanks very much for the effusive compliments, I hope I can live up to your image of me... :-)

And thanks very much for the positive input into my plans with SBI.  I can't wait to have the time to focus on it exclusively....

I'm looking forward to your full account and all the photos of your trip - thanks for the one you've sent already.  I got to show you and your campervan off to my husband. :-)

On a personal note, here is my husband's fledgeling site:
We found tonight that he already has two pages on page one of Yahoo, and another of page two of Google.  Cool.  :-)

Thanks very much for your advice and feedback.  Very much appreciated.  When you work alone, it can be hard to know if you're on the right track or not.  So, I'm grateful to hear from the voice of experience.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you while you're in town, or if you'd just like company.

And, beware, I may well take you up on your offer of being a sounding board for future ideas. 

Hope the rest of your trip is fab....



Letter from Yvonne:

Dear Elad: Great to hear from you. I hope your trip is going well, and that it's all you hoped it would be. You have been so encouraging that I'm all fired up about my site again. I will work on content through the summer, instead of letting it sit until gardening season is over, as I usually do.

You've given me lots to think about and fresh enthusiasm and I'm grateful for that.

It was great to meet you - in fact, it was the highlight of my week - and I hope we keep in touch. I've created two pages since you left, and have more in the works. Trying ebay, too, but need to refine it some. I should have a bit more time for my site soon enough, as spring cleanup is over. I've got a few shrubs to get into the ground and then hopefully I can leave the weeding to my helpers and cultivate my site through the summer (not just my garden). May is probably the toughest month of the year for me as far as the garden taking over EVERYTHING.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you when you've written more about your trip.

Cheers, Yvonne

PS: Made another SBI sale, so I should finally get a first check from that!

Letter from Anthony:


I immediately got on the net after our meeting and found the camper website.  I told my wife about it but I am not sure she share's our enthusiasm for this method of transport. 

Yes it was a real pleasure chatting with  you.  I  am  going to model my next site as an info business  but  still use my  knowledge of commercial real  estate.  And I 'm going to remember what you said about the C.  I will be telling my students that for all time. 

And yes, although I make next to no money teaching this - reading the ACTION guide over and over and over has proven invaluable and it is a true pleasure to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with my students.  I will continue this until they don't want me anymore. 

As we discussed, when that light clicks on somewhere inside that one can make a virtual living - it's an exciting revelation - takes me far from negotiating a lease or showing office space to clients which now pales in comparison. 

Well, it's a wonderful trip you are taking and we'll keep in touch.  Perhaps some  day  I'll roll up in my own  caravan -  I'm quite enthused about that whole travel concept - I can see myself  sitting at that table with my laptop equipped now with softphone, fax, abobe profesional etc.  Until I go completely virtual - I can do deals anywhere I can get an internet signal - fantastic.

Well, have a great trip and more great meetings.   Anthony

Letter from Susanna:

Hi Elad!!

It's so great to get your email. I too have been meaning to write since Thursday, but, have been busy trying to re-write my "about" page every time I sit down at the computer. Check it out if you want...tell me if you get a better idea of me this time around. I imagine it will be a work in progress. If you see any cracks in the info, it's cuz I also have a "My Story of Success" page with more on how SBI helped me.

I have to admit, writing about me has been really hard. It shouldn't surprise me because I've been noticing lately that I have a hard time talking about me. You actually got alot more out of me than most people! In fact, when I left, I was thinking how me-centric our conversation was. There were so many questions I had for and about you and couldn't believe I hadn't asked them! Eventually, I'll get an answer.

I ended up buying MYWS and have been reading away. It's very helpful...

Anywhoooooo........I'm really glad you had such a nice time that night in the "P Parking" and then the morning after. Living near the water is amazing and it's so nice showing a non-Torontonian a part of the city that most don't get to see.

It was really amazing meeting first SBI in-person meeting! You are a really great person and your success and kindness inspires me.


Letter from Kirby:

Hello Elad:

What a great business we have our hands on isn't it? To meet such wonderful people who all have dreams and are not afraid to step up to the plate and do some work to get those dreams.

Yes I agree with you totally about wanting to help others make a difference. After all, it's all about helping others in some small way to get free. There is no better feeling in the world as you well know.

I have lots of work to do and I sure appreciate some great pointer you gave me today. I came home and joined ebay as an affiliate. Started renaming some of my tutorial pages and found a few more hidden gems in some of those artists names (future biz ops).

I'll have to come up with some sort of concept so I can draw some of those cake lovin' homemakers over to my guitar tutorials ... lol

Geez, maybe you'll turn into a great classic guitarist and start a site in that niche ... you're making great progress from what I saw today. I bet there is plenty of opportunity in that sector also. Of course with SBI, you can find so many possibilities, it's virtually endless.

What's pretty cool is that my almost 5yr old granddaughter is wanting to learn guitar and she watches my clips on youtube and on my site ... what an inspiration!

My next goal is to generate enough cash so my wife can quit her job and then come work for me .. as I could sure use her help. I think Anthony did that last time we spoke.

Thanks again Elad. You're a great inspiration to me and many others in the SBI community. I'll be mentioning your success again as I go thru this new course of SBI students.

Take care my friend and chat with you again soon.


Letter from Richard:

Hi Elad,
Sorry for the slow response to your kind message. Just got back from Toronto late last night.
What a nice visit. Thank you so much for taking time to drop by and visit Jody and I. We were overwhelmed by your kindness and your positive energy and attitude. No wonder life is treating you so well personally and for your business. I hope your sites continue to grow and grow and grow for you.

Was Montreal fun? Did you get to meet Ken? Did you say hi and thank you to him from me. I am so grateful to Ken. What I have and am building today is a direct result of Ken.

I hope to keep in touch with you and have a great friendship. It would be nice to visit you in Israel in Jody sometime! Jody had some clients from Israel this week and she told them about our visit with you from Israel and your story. They laughed at the absurdity of the story!
SBI has been a very positive thing in my life and yours obviously and just goes to show what many people in life don't know and never will. Stick your neck out there and give the world your best and make a positive contribution and you will be rewarded!

I would love to keep in touch and share some site building ideas with you to continue to grow my site and the hands free side of the income equation. Its coming but you have some super ideas and I hope to learn from you.

This week I finally hired my first employee to pack orders for me. I just ran out of energy lately as I was working the day job till 4pm and then having to pack 8 or 10 orders until 10pm or later. So now my employee will do all that and I can get some time back.

The big retail stores are now coming on board so things keep growing which is fun.
Jody and I are getting married in August so I am trying to start automating as much of my business as possible so I can focus on the most important aspects only.

Well, Elad, keep playing guitar and performing. All the best to you and your family. Let's keep in touch. It is so nice to have met such a positive person like you!

Kind regards,

Letter from Lise:

Dear Elad,

I'm so glad you're coming back...I hope. I was sad to see you go because I felt a connection to you right away... and you burst my bubble AHAHAH but it's good you did. I'm looking at cruises again and will take your advice to go deeper into my searches. Gee, I want to find 'it' so much and yes in a hurry, I feel I wasted so much time. But I have decided to take it slowly this time, because this is last attempt.

I know that this is the part that is the most frustrating and slow and lots of work, and headaches. It's hard to find your way in this forest. But like Ken says, I've got to sub-brainstorm and look for that 'diamond' :)

I've been looking inside myself also and asking the questions: what would I write about...(subject)? and why didn't the other succeeded? I think maybe also I have too many things going on at the same time. So I've got a plan :)

OK and I insist I will take you in to Theresa's tomorrow, and you can take the subway or train back Thursday night or Friday morning and I'll pick you up. It is my pleasure and it's my way of paying it forward for listening to me and giving me great advice.

If I don't see you tonight, I'll expect you for breakfast or coffee Thursday morning.

See ya later,


Letter from Claude:

My dear Elad,

We are deeply flattered that you felt so at ease and comfortable in our gîte, and in our company.

Lise loves to cook for people almost as much as she loves to meet people who are as openly friendly as you are.

For my part, I really appreciated exchanging with you on SBI related matters.

I would not spend the amount of energy necessary to build my "brand" as aggressively as you and Tamar are doing.

I do not have as many years ahead of me as you have. I want to spend those that I have left at a leisurely pace. The "tortoise" pace is more my style ;-)

I build my Web sites, like I eat. Slowly, to taste every mouthful ... and never too much, at any given time, to avoid unpleasant side effects :-D

While we were enjoying our last moments together, yesterday morning, I made another SBI sale, my third this month. In addition, I will receive my first Google Adsense check in May, as well as my first affiliate check from Palo Alto software.

My efforts are slowly bearing fruit, money wise. But I am already rewarded, in a much more meaningful fashion ... beyond my wildest dreams.

SBI has given me the tools to do what I love best. Research and write. My book (which I forgot to show you) does not sell. On the other hand, all that I publish on my Web sites gets an instant readership, that even increases daily :-D

Who needs book publishing, in these modern times!

Elad, you are the kind of quality visitor we were hoping to attract at our gîte, la Villa Des Tourterelles. You have exceeded all our expectations, in true SBI fashion :-)

Say hello to Ken and Janice for us, when you meet them.

Warm regards,

Claude & Lise

Letter from Don:

Hello Everyone,

This Wednesday, April 30, we'll have a special guest joining us at the Burger King Site Build It! club.

Elad Shippony is the creator of an SBI! site that is so successful it's become the leading case study in SiteSell for making money on the Web.

The club meets at 6:00 PM at the Burger King at Exit 78 on route 10. There is free wireless Internet access. (You don't have to eat the food, but if you do feel obliged, you can order a salad. :-) )

This is a great opportunity to meet the real person behind the success story and to pick up a few tips, maybe even just one :-) that makes a difference for you!

We expect a big crowd (this message is going to 30 SBI! course alumni) so could you please confirm your intent to be present to Frank Jolin, your intrepid fellow student and BK organizer.

Thanks and see you Wednesday!



Letter from Wendy:

Hi Elad!

What a privilege to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us, especially since I am sure you were quite exhausted by today.

I learned so much from you, but mostly I want to thank you for making my husband feel so comfortable. He really enjoyed the visit... maybe even more than me (if that's possible). Since this was such a great experience for him, I think it will make him more at ease to meet other SBIers, so thank you for that especially.

Hope to talk to you soon again, but I'll let your recuperate from your journey first...

Remember... the video must include my introduction of you as the SBI rockstar.

Please thank your wife and children for sharing you with us.


Letter from Wendy:

You poor soul... not having spent time on the forums you are unaware of the fact that I am a clown/teaser and for me, to let the Rock Star part of the image die... hmmm... I shall have to think long and hard about that...

I sought the opinion of a few of the elite SBIers you met on your trip and they agree that the Rock Star thing has to stay... that's the BEST part... lol

What to do? What to do? I'm still pondering... The Rock Star video interview of me you shot, the Rock Star graphic I made, you're highly recognizable image at SBI.... hmmm... what to do? Get rid of the SBI Rock Star text? .... hmmmm... let's see... if you have an amazing domain name for your adventures that I can integrate into the text on that guitar case... I may... and remember I said I MAY reconsider ... lol... or maybe I'll ask for a 5th opinion from Ken when he is not so busy... What do you think he will say...?

K... sorry to taunt... if you absolutely 100% twist my arm protest, I may change it, but that is my FAVORITE part of the whole graphic... It would be a rare SBIer who would not agree, but I do understand humility, so use your best sales pitch to convince me otherwise before I make the tweaks I want to make on the graphic...


P.S. I know I should not be wasting your valuable time with my silliness, but... everyone needs a little bit of silly fun in their lives and it might as well be from me...

I am, btw, progressing on the instructions you gave me for reaching my goals. I will keep you posted on the results after I have implemented all of your suggested changes....


Letter from Ken
(after reading first draft of my story):

Hi Elad,

Wow, what a story...

You know, Elad, SiteSell has become a fair-sized company
and Jan and I sometimes get caught up in the running of it,
especially Jan. I'm still as close to SBIers as ever in terms
of knowing the impact we make due to one management rule I gave
myself years ago...

Never more than one layer between me and the SiteSeller who
directly talks to/touches our customer.

Despite that, and the forums, and knowing how SBI! impacts lives,
there's a lot of responsibility and admin and "business" that I could
do without.   But when I read your story...

Tears fill my eyes many times and I "remember" what it's all
about.   Many times, I've written in the forums that I'd rather
be an SBIer than run SiteSell.

Now you've made me want to go out and meet them all, too!  What a
truly beyond-adjectives story, Elad.

I'm resisting with all my might posting it to the forums.  ;-)

Anxious to meet you this aft,

P.S. Do tell me when I could send this page to all SiteSellers.
I'd love give them a sneak peek at a page that reminds us all
what a difference that together we all make.

Letter from Ken
(the day after we met):


Things usually sink in for me the day after a good sleep.

You are "everyman."

Everything (wo)man should be. And what every SBIer can be.


You weren't.

You took steps to change that.

That involved willingness to take on some risk.

It required support.

And then it demanded focus and determination.

Having those key elements...

You just did it.

It's not complicated.

You just did it.

Yes, SBI! enabled you to execute. But YOU did it.

And now you lead the life you want.


I know you were trying in the car to get me to talk about the impact we
have on people's lives in the car last night, but by the end of the
night I'm usually in a vegetative mode, not in processing mode.

But believe me, meeting you has made an enormous impact on me.
It brings me back to something I think on every now and then, but
usually don't have a better answer (that we already do) for...

1) I know that SBI! works. I have the data. And the logic and process
and tools are simply rock solid, so it won't suddenly go away as the Web
evolves, and actually I expect SBIers to do better over time.

So I know it works. And you do, too. You live it. So do thousands of
other SBIers. But what about the tens of milliions of non-SBIers, the
new SBIers, the failing (and that can be defined in many ways)?

2) How do we inspire/motivate/convince folks to buy/persist/start-over/
get-past-the-humps until they reach success?

It bothers me, not financially I have enough money, it bothers me that
we can't reach and convince more non-SBIers. That's where things like
risk and doubt and noisy competition come into play.

And it bothers me that, given the exact same product, some folks don't
read the Guide, do the Guide, make the best choices, etc. They don't
persist. They get distracted. I know the world is Darwinian, and only
SBI! makes any kind of effort like this, but I want to do better.

And when I look at you, I know it's possible.

You are "every SBIer."

And every SBIer starts at the same place.

I'm left with the intangibles... risk, doubt, determination, focus.
These are likely the single most important elements to "amp up."


These are serious questions that no other Web host or small business
service actually worry or think about, because they are not in the
"success business." And it's also not something that any other
"successs business" thinks about because they are really in the
dollar-extraction business.

But, seeing you, free in your caravan, three lovely daughters and more
to come, loving wife, living in a place you love and doing what you like
when you like...

That's the way people are MEANT to live.

We all need inspiration and motivation. Thank YOU for providing that
to me and Jan and my girls, who were impressed. I'll be talking more
about you, to them, at appropriate moments -- great lessons.

Like I said, it's not complicated. You just need to understand the
key elements... act on them... and keep doing it until you get there.

Safe travels home, my friend!

All the best,