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Planting, Pruning and Building a Home Internet Business

For most of us, building a home internet business involves a whole lot of time in front of the computer. For Yvonne, from it also involves lots of planting, pruning, weeding and other gardening tasks.

After a terribly long, bumper-to-bumper drive I reached Yvonne's countryside home, surrounded by one of the most impressive gardens I've ever seen.

Yvonne started building a home internet business with SBI! in late 2003, about six months after I did. Over the years that she's been working from home, Yvonne has built a lot of terrific content and a site that gets thousands of visitors a day and generates a very nice income.

We went out for dinner and couldn't stop talking for the next three hours. I hadn't made any plans of where I was going to stay the night, so Yvonne offered that I park for the night on her grounds - right under her magnificent Weeping Willow.


My SBI! Adventure - Meeting Yvonne in Ancaster

Parked under the Weeping Willow (left). Yvonne"at work" inside the campervan (right).


I was starting to understand that this trip would be like none other.

Some of the people back home couldn't really understand what sort of journey I was on. They found it pretty weird that I was caravanning alone, meeting people I didn't know and not doing the "normal" tourist stuff.

How could I explain to them that I wasn't only meeting people who share a strong passion with me for the same life-liberating path we've stumbled upon called SBI!? I was also experiencing the real Canada. On what "normal" trip would I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people? They are what make Canada such a beautiful place. The scenery and the sights, well, that's an added attraction as far as I'm concerned.

I woke up rather early, still jet-lagged, and went to play my guitar in Yvonne's garden...


My SBI! Adventure - Playing Guitar in Yvonne's Garden

Inspired by Yvonne's Garden.


A bit later, Yvonne took me for a guided tour of her impressive grounds.

I've never met anyone with such a passion for gardening as Yvonne. Nor have I ever met anyone with such a beautiful garden. Although in Summer, like Yvonne said, it's much more colorful and blooming, just looking at those yellow daffodils was more than enough to see the amount of time and love and energy she puts into her passion.

Here's Yvonne's garden in summer (photo taken from her Website)...


My SBI! Adventure - Yvonne's Rock Garden

Yvonne's garden in Summer...


Yvonne's Web site is also, in a way, her little Winter garden. She keeps and tends to it while her outdoor garden is hibernating below the snow. It's probably a bit more profitable, also :-) The balance between having an outdoor and indoor (online) garden is perfect, in my opinion. Anyone that dreams of building a home internet business has to find something to balance those long hours in front of the screen. I've got that balance with my theatre performance and with my family time, and Yvonne has such a great balance also.

Maybe that balance is one of the secrets to succeeding online and not going crazy while working from home.


My SBI! Adventure - Mail Received from Yvonne

Read text version of this letter - building a home internet business...


From Yvonne's house I drove to the only real tourist attraction I had planned - Niagara Falls.

And you know what?

The Falls are impressive, really powerful. But I must say that I enjoyed meeting Yvonne and parking the night in her garden under that Weeping Willow much more than I enjoyed the Falls.

No Kidding.

On the third day of my trip I drove back to Toronto, and met a cartoon character that came to life ;-)...


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