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My first meeting of the day, after a two hour drive back to Toronto, was with Anthony from He's also an SBI! Instructor who teaches students at a local college how to build your own Web site with Site Build It!.

I had no idea what Anthony looked like. But, the moment I saw him, I knew it was him.


On his site, Anthony has this character that speaks to the visitors. It's one of those services that let's you choose from a few standard character models, append your voice, and add it to make your own Website more personal.

It's pretty neat.

Turns out that the "standard" character Anthony chose bears a striking resemblance to him. you'd think it was custom-made. Take a look:


My SBI! Adventure


To my surprise, Anthony said that more people were filling out his lead forms since he added his little character! Just for the fun of it, I tried creating my face from their ready-made models here... (Go to Features > Models).

Here I am with the real Anthony...


My SBI! Adventure

With the real Anthony...


We had lunch at a neat restaurant called Richtree Market. It's the perfect place, especially for a business meeting. It's a market-styled restaurant where you get a plastic card when you enter the restaurant. There are a whole bunch of different food sections with mouth-watering selections. You choose what you want and they swipe it onto your card's magnetic strip.

Another great thing about this sort of traveling is that I don't have to think too much about where I'll eat. The people I meet take me to their favorite places or invite me to eat at their house. The only problem is that if I continue to drive around all day in my camper and eat so much, when I fly back home, I'll have to pay for excess weight. My own.

Anthony and I are doing the same SBI! dance, although to a different tune. Anthony has used SBI! to promote his existing business and I've used it to create an info-business. Yet, the result is the same - success and liberation. Though, Anthony's online success has brought him so much business, that he's sort of in a Catch-22. The more leads his site brings in, the harder he has to work :-) That's one of the biggest problems you'll run into when build your own Website and it becomes so powerful!

Anthony made a very wise step when he decided to teach SBI! at the local college. Besides the satisfaction he must gain in helping others, explaining it to them helps him understand the whole concept even better. And having to read the Action Guide over and over is the best way to really grasp it.

Anna from told me that she used to work as a technical writer writing manuals. Only recently did she understand that you actually need to read the Action Guide when you build your own website - as if the Guide is a book. Some would say like a bible. At first she thought is was like a manual. And you refer to manuals when you run into problems, you don't read them.

You know, most people don't even read the Action Guide once thoroughly.

That's a shame.

The first rule of SBI! should be to read every single word that's there BEFORE you build your own Website and not let your excitement blind you into building your site before you are ready.


My SBI! Adventure

Read text version of this letter...


From Anthony I drove to meet one of the younger SBIers and ended up sleeping in the most unlikely of places...


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